Thursday, August 19, 2010


Do you have one?

As you probably know by now, we're moving a week from today. You can't imagine how exciting it is for me to say that finally. A week from today. I imagine I'll be up early that morning also. We'll get the U-Haul around 8ish and hopefully begin loading around 9ish. Hoping to be on the road no later than 1 or 2. Only going 246 miles the first day. Should be an easy, relaxed day. The only way it can be that way is by preparing ahead. Kind of like our weight loss program.

Nope, my motto isn't 'plan ahead', though another day it might be. I think we can change up our motto's. Find one that works and stick with it until it doesn't, then find another one.

We live on a lake here in Michigan. We have a huge winter festival each year. Snow sculptures, fair rides, polar bear swim, elephant ears, snow mobile races, fishing contests, even a parade. The whole shebang. I was going through all my pictures trying to pare them down for the trip. I came across pictures from Tip Up Town 2000. Good family times. We even took a helicopter ride that year. The Marines had a section set up with an obstacle wall and other neat stuff. The wall was actually an inflatable pyramid shaped dohickey. Climb up one side, slide down the other. Very cool. On the flat side was printed what is going to be my new motto for a while. I found a picture of me standing next to this. In fact, here it is.

I love it!

Think you can't do something? How do you know if you don't try it?

Did you walk 20 minutes yesterday? How bout pushing yourself to 21 today? Test yourself. See if you can do it.

Thinking of giving up artificial sweeteners? Try it for a day. One day. Test yourself.

Trying to quit swearing? Give it up for one day. Test yourself.

Just imagine what we could accomplish if we tested ourselves daily.

Today is a new day. Let's not waste it.

How will you test yourself today?

Peace be the journey



  1. Whoa whoa whoa whoa back up. . .

    HOW did I miss the fact that you're a Michigander? I'M a Michigander! Only a recent transplant to NC. Flint, MI born and raised.

    Wait a minute . . . now I think I'm remembering maybe you made a Buckeye joke over at Fat Daddy's . . . is it possible that . . . you're also a WOLVERINE??

    I think I'm in love.

    Okay. Yes! I love this post. It's a great motto. I have several, but am usually chanting to myself Don't Give Up, Don't Ever Give Up.

    So, where are you moving to? Is this a perma-move? I seem to remember you saying you spent time every year in Florida. I apparently need to delve into your archives a bit more.

    And you're handling all this move stuff like a total hotass by the way.

  2. OK I was going to give a nice postive comment but then I saw all that Michigan love, and I began to throw up some in my mouth and de-railed all my positive energy.

    OK...regrouping...Today's challenge...I will work out twice today even though I am in the sweltering Georgia heat this week. And I'm gonna try to do that every day I am down here.

    Good luck with that move.

  3. That move is around the corner now, am thinking of you cause I hate moving it takes so much work and after you been living in a house for years and years its much worse.

  4. in Kitsap wash there is a group of women that formed a support group called the tri babes and they had the coolest hot pink shirts that said my new favorite phrase...

    "The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."

  5. Good luck with your move, you sound so excited!

    It is good to challenge ourselves and push beyond our comfort zone.