Thursday, August 12, 2010

Share and share alike

Remember when you were in school and you had something you weren't supposed to and the teacher asked you, 'Do you have enough to share?' Bitch just wanted whatever I had for herself I'm sure. Well, today I have enough to share!

I found 2 new blogs of recipes. Yum! Gina's blog, and, this new blog.

I haven't delved enough yet to find out the gals name in the second blog. I did drool already though, and that's a real good sign! I love how the second one has a whole little dohickey on the right hand side of her blog with different point values you can click on for recipes. Very handy if you're a Weight Watcher member. If not, the usual go to conversion is 1 point usually equals about, close to, approximately, 50 calories. I also like that the second blog allows me to read the whole blog in my Google Reader. The first one doesn't.

I'm not a fan of the blogs that only give you a tidbit in the Google reader, then force you to go to the actual blog to finish reading. Here's why. I follow quite a few blogs. I get behind sometimes...go figure! I have them set up in my google reader to read from oldest to newest, and of course if I have to visit the actual blog they go from newest to oldest and well I just am not that kind of girl!

OK peeps...I've got a hella full day here. TBM has today off work with me and this is going to be the one big, huge, mega, supercalafragalisticexpialadocious, push to get the cleaning and packing for our move (TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY!!!!) on track. OMG seeing that in writing, 2 weeks from today, just made my heart flutter and my breath come in short bursts. Talk about stress!!!! Sooooo much still to do. Oh, and did I mention that the last 4 days we want to just play? So we want EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY THING PACKED AND CLEANED BY THE 22ND? AND, (Yes, I know you're never supposed to begin a sentence with AND...I'm a fucking English major for goodness sakes!)the 22nd is only 10 days away????

OMG where the hell is the paper bag???

Peace be the journey



  1. Deep breaths!!! lol You guys are working hard over there! Moving is tough work...gotta say I wish I was packing. lol Crazy but true!

  2. Thanks for sharing the blogs! They look fantastic.

    And I like yours, too.
    ^^ See what I did there? heh. :)

  3. Keep it together pix! You can do it! It's going to come and go before you know it. Our move was almost 2 years ago, and despite the trauma we did make it. Stressful yes...but you can do it.

  4. Oh my goodness, Debby, your paragraph about your upcoming move made me laugh because I can SO relate. Even with the part about starting sentences with AND. AND I do it all the time, even in my books. LOL

    As for truncated blogs in Google Reader--I feel the same way you do. The reason I bother subscribing to blogs there is so I can read the entire post without having to pop all over the place. I just don't have time to do that.

    Peace to you, my friend. :)

  5. Hi Debby,
    Thank you for sharing the link to my blog! I really appreciate it since it is a new blog. By the way, my name is Gina too! How funny that you have two recipe blogs whose writers have the same name :)
    I do know the other Gina from a little bit. We have corresponded about our blogs through email. She was on my recipe list before I started a blog and was one of the people who encouraged me to start a blog.
    Happy moving!