Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cleaning house

No, this isn't really about diet. It's really about cleaning the house.

We had the carpets cleaned the other day. That required us to remove everything from the living room, hallway, inside bedroom, and lanai. Where do we put it all? Well, I emptied the 2 pantries and put that stuff in crates in the bathroom. What? You never had food in the bathroom? C'mon, you're all on a diet, of course you did!

We then put the wooden pantries in the kitchen. Now remember, we live in a tin box here and my kitchen is the size of a postage stamp. We store all the thermoply that we cover the windows with in the spring under the bed in the inside bedroom....that went out to the shed. We took the table and chairs from the lanai and put them outside...we just stuffed shit wherever we could. Our bedroom (it's out in the lanai) was packed with stuff.

Guy came, cleaned the carpets and was gone in less than 2 hours. All that work and that SOB was in and out like that. I spent all day yesterday putting shit back where it belongs. I'm still not done.

Diet is in the toilet here folks. I know, broken record. Not sure what I can do to get myself back on track this time.

I'm so far behind in blog reading I should be flogged.

Maybe tomorrow I can catch up......tomorrow....



  1. Even though we are not haveing the carpets cleaned, we are still doing lots of reaaranging at our house, too! Good time to get rid of crap! :) Take care Pixie!

  2. LOL>>>.they come in and clean up so cooking a dinner for guest, takes forever to prepare and they eat it up in 10 minutes.

    Get back on the diet know you want to - you know you have to...You know we here to make sure you jump!!

    I went away for the weekend and am also now so far behind reading blogs...can imagine your feedreader...

    Have a good new week.

  3. You know, Pix, yours was the first blog I stumbled upon when I started up WW this time. Hell, I didn't know people were blogging so publically about what I have always perceived to be such a private matter. Since thenb, I have found Jack Sh*t, Carlos, TJ, Heather... You are all important to me and I cheer for you when you are doing well and I want to help when you are not. Its the control freak in me, I am sure. So, here's a hand if you need it. Let's get back on this road.

  4. Man....when I read you blog, I come across something I need to be do...once it was not eat in front of the cleaning carpets...and several things in between! We always meant to get them cleaned after dog sitting the neighbors dogs (two in addition to our three) but time just got away from us! Now, you remind me! Thanks...and I do not mean that sarcastically....well, maybe I do!

    As far as getting back on program, I know you can do it! You can get back on track! You have had such great success!

  5. Of course, on the plus side, all that shifting stuff about must have been very good exercise!