Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another day in paradise

Yesterday was that!

We left our park at 10am and got home at 10pm. What an awesome day!

We went to Ft. Myers shopping and to the beach. Started out at Sam's for a look around and a promise to return later just before heading back home to get cold stuff. Went to the mall on a quest for new pillows for me. I'm like a freakin princess and my pillows have to be perfect or I can't sleep. I've been a down pillow baby all my life and I tried to switch to a cheaper alternative last year. It ain't workin! So, back out on the 'pay a freakin fortune for 2 freakin down pillows' hunt yesterday. I settled on 2 from Penny's. The verdict is still out as to their perfectness. At $120 for 2 pillows, if they're not perfect, they're going back!

Went to Target to look for mini bags of pretzels I saw a few weeks ago at another Target and should have got! Of course, they dind't have them. See, I got a case of Snyder's fat free mini pretzels from Sam's for the trip down here. Awesome, single portion size, perfect for me as I might want pretzels now, and then not want any for weeks so a big bag would get stale. Anyway, these bags are 1.5 ounces so they're 3 points...that's a lot of points to give for pretzels. Target had mini bags for Halloween that would only have been 2 points and perfect. Should have got the darn things when I saw them eh????

After all that shopping and walking it was time to hit the beach! A friend of mine, actually a lady I met on the Michigan WW chat thread several years ago, went to a hotel in Ft. Myers last year and we drove over there to visit her and her hub. We thought at the time that we might be able to sneak to this hotel at a future date and use the parking lot, the bathrooms to change, and the beach. So yesterday, we did! Felt like true daredevils! The water was awesome! I couldn't believe the difference between this week and last. When I went to the beach with my friend last week, it was colder than cold! TBM and I were able to go right in and float and splash. What a lovely break to the shopping day! Hotel had a shower also so we were able to rinse all the salt water off. Awesome.

Went to McDonald's for a hot fudge sundae. Sat outside...watched the sun set right from Mickey D's. Awesome again!

Now it's dinner time. I'm starving, TBM is always starving. We chose chicken. Oh OK, so it was in the form of wings of the hot variety served by scantily clad girls with big boobs. You know, most of them are NOT very pretty. I bet NONE of you men knew that...I highly doubt your eyes ever make it to their faces. I will admit they have nice hooters and even nicer asses. I sure would like one day in a body like that!!!

At Sam's I got things to gear us up for our re-start next Wednesday. Three bags of froze fruit and a package of the low fat chicken spinach asiago sausages that Den loves. I also got a vegetable.

OK, so it was in a pumpkin pie. Hey, I put fat free Reddi Whip on it!!

Baby steps.



  1. love their wings... battered fried and then sauced...

  2. LOL...I have to hand it to you, pumpkin is a vegetable

  3. Wow, $120 for two pillows, expensive. I am sure they are worth it.

  4. Pumpkin pie as a vegetable? My thoughts EXACTLY!