Thursday, October 15, 2009

Let them eat cake!

Ya, so I froze the rest of the birthday cake yesterday morning to keep me from eating it.

Frozen whip cream cake is really good!!! Who knew?

I'm sitting here laughing my ass off. I'm definitely NOT a guilty eater. I eat something I like and there's no guilt afterwards.

I went shopping with a friend yesterday for clothes. I realized after getting home that I was a virgin in that area. I've never gone clothes shopping with a friend before. In my younger days I was too fat. None of the stores they went to had clothes to fit me, so I didn't go. That held true until just a few years ago actually.

So yesterday was actually a lot of fun! I needed a new bathing suit as I'm doing another first...going for a girls outing! I'm stoked! The elastic in my bathing suit has worn out so when I get out of the pool it hangs to my knees. The heat and sun down here will do that to a suit. I also don't have any shorts at all and my only capri pants are denim. It's been 95 degrees here with a bout 200% humidity. Denim is damn hot and makes bits sweat that we ladies just don't want to sweat! I forgot to mention that I have no tops in a light color either. Dark top + sun = other sweaty lady bits! So, let's tally. I need a new bathing suit, some shorts, some capri pants, and some tops. I have no money and I really don't like to shop! I hit the jackpot at Sears. Who knew Sears had clothes???? I sure the hell didn't. I only ever shopped at fat shops. OK, I'll do a photo montage later of all my buys for tomorrow's post...and to spare the male readers more shopping bs, let me just say I got 2 bathing suits for $7.99 each!!! They're a little large...but the price is right! I got a bunch of tops( for 6-8)$7.99 also and capri pants (3 pair) for that same amount. Shorts were $8 I think and I did get a cute pair of denim ...shoot can't remember what my friend called shorts that went almost to the knee which is what I like...oh yes bermuda shorts! I had a freakin ball and have a ton of clothes and after using the 20% coupon along with the sale, I don't think I even spent $100! Now, I realize that $100 is a lot of money, but I got a lot of stuff!

Shoot, sorry, I had NO intention of talking about that at all. I wanted to talk about eating cake when I didn't mean to yesterday. See, we went shopping and I assumed we'd go out to lunch. That's what happens when you assume! I was going to have steel cut oats for breakfast, but they take a long time to cook and I couldn't be bothered. We left at 10am and didn't get home until after 2pm and I was famished. I'd planned skinny minnie meatloaf for dinner. I needed to get ground beef. I'd planned to come home from shopping and then take my truck back out for groceries. Den got called to work so I had no truck! I had no back up plan in place. I'm still getting in the groove here you see so have no yummy meals prepared in the freezer. Oh sure, I have fixings and had I really wanted to be good, I could have. I just didn't do it.

So, I'd planned steel cut oats for breakfast, but hadn't planned the time in to cook them.

I'd planned to go out to lunch, and didn't have a back up plan for if we didn't.

I'd planned something for dinner and had no back up plan if it didn't work out.

What did I learn? Even though I planned, I didn't plan well enough!

I also learned that if there is whip cream cake in the freezer, it still calls to me and I'll never freeze leftover whip cream cake again. There are frosted cupcakes in the freezer...they don't call to me. The cake did.

See? You're never too old to learn!

I could beat myself up for eating everything I ate yesterday. It could have stopped at the cake but of course it didn't. There were left over crackers too and oh oh oh some wine and yummy cheese! I will learn moderation some day. That day just wasn't yesterday!

So what about today?

I cooked the steel cut oats last night so I just have to reheat them this morning.

I'm going to town this morning so even if TBM does get called into work, I'll have dinner fixings.

I'm going to get some things in the freezer for emergencies. Round steak is on sale so I'll make a big pot of veggie soup and freeze it in individual servings. I got some gorgeous eggplant at the fruit market a few days ago so I'll make a big pot of my homemade pasta sauce. The Skinny Minnie meat loaf is a triple batch so that'll be in there. I'm going to also make a list of quick things to grab. I always have shrimp in the freezer and I always have whole grain pasta...hello that's a meal right there! Thank you Heather for the meatloaf recipe. I'll let you know how it turns out!

OK guys, Pixie has a plan again today and I'm pretty sure it's going to come to fruition!

I need to scoot right now. Why? I'm going to water aerobics! Yep, I keep saying I'm going to and don't. Today is the day.

Carpe Diem!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Good Girl, go sweat in the water where nobody can see it! What a score on the cholthes shopping, too! Awesome deals! Enjoy your day!

  2. i wish i didnt have the guilt. even when i am good and have controlled treats! guilt guilt guilt.

    enjoy water aerobics! AND bring on the fashion photo montage.

  3. You are great! I understand the cake calling you from the freezer though, have many of those stories! Water aerobics, much fun!

  4. Whoo hoo to water aerobics and planning!!

    You got some great deals at Sears! Our sears smells like lawnmowers when you walk I guess the clothing will too? lol

  5. In a couple of weeks time, if you see movement in the hedge around the pool during your water aerobics sessions, that'll be me with my camcorder.

    I think your readers would like to see the footage !

  6. Well Actually Debby did send two pieces of that cake down the street so she didn't kill all of it !!! and Damn but it was good !!!

  7. I used to eat frozen chocolate chip cookies by the half dozen. They called my name and freezing did them no good whatsoever!!

    I like your new plan. Plan in case the plan falls through!

  8. lets see see some pics of that new suit!!

  9. I so agree about frozen sweets...doesn't stop me either! This why it typically leaves the house with others....although I do have a bday coming up and I know hubby will buy a cake (because he knows I like cake)...and it will just be us...hmmmm...I will have to talk to him about single slice things...

  10. OH and good for you not to be guilty about it! I am learning it does nothing to help your situation if you sit around being guilty about it!

  11. Happy belated birthday, Debby! :-D Unfortunately, freezing cake or brownies, etc., has never stopped me from eating them in their frozen state. :-0

    I’m sure it must have been great fun to go clothes shopping with a friend. It sounds like you had fun and some great luck too!

    As for food planning, I always cook up batches of oats or other hot cereal in advance and refrigerate them in serving portions that I can easily reheat. Makes life and staying on program so much easier for me! Just to be on the safe side, I keep a box of oat bran in the pantry. It takes less than 3-minutes to cook in the microwave, so even if I'm running late there’s time to cook up a serving. :-)

  12. Sooooo glad you got my card! I hope your birthday was super awesome!!!!!!! I love fall, and Kent says it's only because of my birthday. He might be right. I also enjoy Halloween more than ANY other holiday, and I eat way too much on Thanksgiving. What's NOT to like about this time of year? Seriously.

  13. I used one of my frozen bags of meat loaf tonight for dinner. The kids gobbled them up. Of course, I smeared bbq sauce on top of them which made me gobble them up, too. lol