Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Pixie with a plan

Yep, I woke up this morning knowing what I'm going to do. Gotta love that eh???

I had a freaking awesome streak beginning January 3 of this year. It lasted 4 months. Yes, that's right. Four months of solid 100% OP-edness. Four months of exercise. Four months of awesomeness.

What prompted that string of successes?

A plan. A challenge. A promise.

When I make a promise, I never break it. Never.

So, today I'm going to come up with a plan, a promise to myself, and also to you.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the details. The first day of my new streak.

It means so much to me that you guys stick with me through my down times as well as my up times. I know you didn't give up on me. If you didn't give up on me I certainly can't give up on me!

Mary, I'm going to be dusting off my pedometer for sure!



  1. We all go through up and downs. The thing is what we learn and how we adapt each time. Hang in there, I can tell you have learned soo much about yourself in this process.
    What is a pedometer by the way?

  2. We would never give up on you:)

  3. GO PIXIE GO...oh wait I said that already! lol Still works though! :)

  4. WOOHOO Debby!! You sound like you are rockin it! We have faith in you! :D :D oh yeah you know we will be here. un huh.