Friday, October 2, 2009

I need a nap

Hi everyone.

Well, day 3 of being back OP went well. Again tonight, I didn't have what I needed for what I planned. What am I like? I went to plan B and it was tasty. Why is this blogworthy? Well, I'll tell you.

We were gone all day long. I had a doc appt at 11. Planned on going to the store right after that to get the stuff for dinner tonight and then dinner tomorrow as our son and his girlfriend are coming to visit! I texted him the menu a few days ago and he thought it great. Roasted chicken, baked potato, roast butternut squash, salad of baby greens, and fresh fruit salad for dessert. I just knew if we went out we'd eat all wrong. They were on board with this meal. So...back to dinner tonight. I planned to make Heather's skinny Minnie meatloaves. Added spinach, egg substitute, and oatmeal to my list. Awesome...sounded fantabulous.

So, doc appt at 11. I thought I'd be in and out. Ya, not so much. She sent me for X-Rays and blood work. We were starving. Knew it was a recipe for disaster so we came home first and had lunch. Yep, here we were, out and about, restaurants galore, and we came home for lunch. Go us.

Went back out for X-Rays, took forever. Went to the vampires...took forever. Now it's after 5 and of course we're hungry again. Out, restaurants....and yet we came home for dinner!!! I was tired, didn't want to cook of course, it's now after 6:30 and we've not even started it. Looked at the recipe and it called for squash. I'm not cooking the squash until tomorrow. Shit! I will get my act together soon, but obviously not tonight! I didn't panic, I went to plan B and we ate on program. It was awesome. Again, go us!

I like the new tricks this old dog is learning!



  1. Go you! Sometimes it takes every ounce of willpower to drive past all those easy choices and go home and make the choices that are the best for you! Congrats.

  2. GOOD DOGGIE! lol

    Im like a proud mother! Whoohoo For NOT stopping to get Crap in the Box, Mc Disgusting, Taco Hell, or any other fast food crap in a hurry! hehe

  3. It sounds like you had an awesome day! Good for you!

  4. i like it.

    i never have a plan b and maybe thats why i stumble. i was in the pub earlier watching the footie and was starving but waited til i got home. *high fives* to not eating out.

  5. I need a nap, too. And a break from visiting doctors!