Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just go through the motions

Mind not totally into your weight loss program or your exercise routine? That's long as your body is doing what it should be, your mind might catch up.

I don't want to be back OP in my mind. I totally enjoyed the last 5 weeks of no planning, eating what I wanted, when I wanted, not thinking about anything. I, of course, didn't enjoy the accompanying 16 pound weight gain. My body is back OP but my mind is still not on board. I've decided that's cool. As long as my lips don't eat the wrong stuff...sooner or later my mind will get the hint that this is a groovy way to live.

Last night was a major coup for me. I needed to shop yesterday. No produce, no meat, kind of not much of anything in here! I knew this...I just got confused about times. I knew I wanted to play Mah Jongg at 1 and I knew I wanted to play bid euchre at my mind (that damn thing!!) thought....oh a 5 hour window to shop. Doh, actual playing time in there??? I got out of Mah Jongg at 3:30 and no way was that enough time to get to town, shop, get back, and prepare food. Oops! I thought of a rotiss chicken...thought of going out...thought of chucking my diet for one more day. Did I? Nope. I scrounged. I opened the frig and there was a package of 96/4 ground beef. Forgot I had that...nothing in for salad, no produce at all. Not enough time to cook wild rice and actually have time to eat it. Hmmmm poke into the pantry a bit further. I found the box of Ronzoni Smart Taste rotini that I'd got the night before...aha! A can of low fat mushroom soup, some frozen green beans, some corn...dinner! Was it good? Not so much but it filled the empty hole and did it within my points. I felt good about me.

What did I learn?

I need to plan AND prepare ahead AND have a backup plan.

I had my meals planned for the whole week. I went to the store the other night and only got half of what I needed. We just got here so I have nothing really. No backup meals. I had nothing really to go to. In the past, if there was nothing good I wanted, I would cave and go get something good. I need to always have the fixings for something I like here on hand. Sometimes, even what I've planned, doesn't sound good when it's time to fix it. I need to have other options available to me at all times. I was strong last night, but next time I might not be. Gotta make like a boy scout and be prepared!

I'm still learning!



  1. Yes - preparation really helps me stay on the right track! Make like a boy scout - I like that one!

  2. If I plan I succeed! Good job making due with what you had on hand and sticking to plan! :) Your mind will join ya on this journey....eventually! :)

  3. Amazing what we can do when we try, huh? You id great making do with what you had! That is awesome...but even better is the reminder to prepare! We never stop learning, do we?

  4. Debby you are doing awesome with the planning!! I am not a good planner at all and I pay the consequences for times when my self-discipline plummet, hehe. ON AND FORWARD we go captain!! :)

    P.S. Mahjong I loveee!!!!!!!!!!! We don't have four people lately and haven't been able to play. Would you like to join our table? ;)

  5. some times you just have to do it even if you're heads not in it. my head has finally got it together though now..

    i am the worst planner ever. thats where i fall down. oh and lack of variety, bah.

    btw your comment on my blog the other day had me beaming all day. you really cheered me up. so thank you.