Sunday, October 4, 2009

This is not like last time

I was catching up on emails & blogs this morning and read that quote over at Tania's blog. Man oh man did it hit home for me.

As you might remember, I had a bit of a slip up in the diet and exercise routine...about a 7 week one ending in a gain of 16 pounds. I weighed in at my WW meeting last Tuesday, and started back on program Wednesday. OK, the first thing that made this 'not like last time', was weighing in on Tuesday. See, here in Sebring, I've got the choice of either Tuesday morning or Friday morning classes to choose from. At first, I said I was going to go Friday...give me 3 more days to eat...ya know? We arrived in Florida on Friday afternoon and by Sunday, I had convinced myself to go Tuesday. I knew I needed to get get off the eating train. I also knew that come Tuesday morning, I probably would talk myself into waiting for Friday. I didn't!!! Wow that was a first!

Second thing that made this 'not like last time' was actually being OP on Wednesday. It's so hard to get back on the wagon after riding bare back for weeks on end! I usually pick a day and say OK that is going to be it. Get up that day and about 2 hours into it, just say screw it, it's too hard. Tomorrow. I knew myself, knew I was going to do I kept talking to myself and got through Wednesday. I think it would have been a lot easier had I had this quote that day 'It's not like last time'. Just because it's always happened in the past, doesn't mean it's going to happen this this time isn't like last time. I freakin love it!!!

Third, and most recent glitch....and I NOW have the quote to get me through, and honest to God it's going to help me today, was last night. My son and his gorgeous girlfriend came to spend the day and night. I'd planned a fabulous meal of roast chicken, baked potatoes, butternut squash, salad of baby greens and a wonderful fruit salad. I prepared the fruit salad in the morning...yum. They got here and it was so awesome to see them. They brought me an early birthday gift. OMG for those of you that don't know me, my birthday is my favorite day of the year. October 13 in case you wondered. I'll be 51 in case you wondered that too. So, I'm fairly giddy now that my baby is here with his babe AND they brought me a pressie!!!! We went to the pool as it was a gorgeous day. We took a golf cart ride. We talked and talked and talked. Then, some of my favorite friends in the park arrived!!! OMG I let out a squeal when I saw their motor home on our street...the golf cart couldn't get there fast enough, my heart beat and well, I was a happy Pixie for sure!! So, of course I was forced to scrap the idea of a roast chicken meal and go to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. What? You don't get the connection? Pah, it's simple. Happy Pixie, no, ecstatic Pixie, means she wants to eat. 99 cent margarita's on Saturday made it a no brainer. OK, so why isn't this like last time? Well, I'll tell ya.

We stopped at the store after dinner and I didn't buy cookies and chips like I wanted to. I mean really, I'd already eaten Mexican why not continue? I don't know what kept me from doing it, but thank goodness something did. It wasn't like last time.

I got home knowing that today I'd continue eating what I know, get back OP Tuesday after WI. I talked to myself in bed and said that today I'd be OP. I didn't hold out much hope that would happen. I know me. I got up at 5:30 for coffee and computer time and I read Tania's blog and man oh man did that quote come at the right time. Today I'll be 100% OP...I know I will. It's so freeing. Just because in the past I'd have eaten everything that didn't move today, doesn't mean I have to do it this time. I feel strong. I feel proud of my decision. I feel when I make it through today, I'll have this success in my memory bank to recall in the future. Yep, doing it today will allow me to do it again in the future. Again, and again, and again. One success after another...imagine that!

This is not like last time.



  1. nope...this is NOT like last time! :) Good job on sticking to it!!

  2. Past doesn't have to be the future! Thank goodness!

    Sounds like you are one happy Pixie indeed!

  3. i love your positive attiude! it is so refreshing. and very catchy. i beamed when i read how happy you were.

    *high fives* to being on plan.
    this is definitely not like last time.

    bring on the future successes.

  4. Glad you had an awesome weekend and early bday celebration!! :>

    SO TRUE!!! We all know that this time is not last like time!! I believe in that for myself too! <3

  5. Wow! I just got on and saw you comments and then came and read your blog and I have chills! Thanks for the shout out and I'm so amazed that something I wrote made an impact on someone! Your blog is such and ispiration to me and I'm glad I could return the favor. :) Truely "Thank You!"