Sunday, November 1, 2009

On your mark

Yep, the first call every runner that is poised in her stance hears. I can just picture a taut runner, strong thighs, finger to the track, eyes forward, full of concentration waiting for the crack from the starting pistol.

That's me boys and girls.

Wednesday is 'D' day. No ifs, ands, or buts. I'm starting the preparation sequence today. Gearing myself up. Getting my mind in the game so to speak.

I'm catching up on my several diet related emails. I'm going to catch up on blogs if it kills me. I'm looking for new recipes. I'm thinking of things to prepare to keep me in the running for a full week. I'm thinking about exercising.

I believe the first start to a successful outcome is in the mind. Get your mind on the right track and everything else will follow. Believe it.

I believe it.

Do you?



  1. Good luck Debs, you can do it...
    I cant wait to have my first 5kl run, looking at doing it next summer as not a winter outdoor runner at all.

    I've just written in my today's entry that I'm going to clean out my blog feed reader as I visit and comment on so many blogs and they never visit me...LOL and then I read this from you.

  2. Gah! It really is all about the mind isn't it? Time for me to get mine back to where it should be.

  3. i know better than to doubt you... you rock the mental shit fo sho

  4. your comment on my blog....
    I love your blog...and you are not one of them that I was thinking of deleting...
    I have started with the deleting and think I have made the right choices as I think they see me as too old, or thin so what the hell!!!
    I will be sticking to the more *mature* group...feels more comfortable her...xx

  5. I'll be there on the sideline on Wednesday yelling, 'Go, Debby, Go!!'

    I'll even shake my pom-poms for you. *wink*

  6. I believe it....I believe in you......go debby...go debby....go debby!!