Thursday, November 12, 2009

Eat me

Damn that fairy.

What? Doesn't the 'eat me' fairy come to your house? Crap, if not, give me your address so she'll leave me the hell alone for one day!

I got up yesterday with all good intentions. I had my meals planned, I was prepared. I even knew when I was going to eat as I had a full day. Ya, so let me tell you how that worked for me k?

I spent too much time having coffee and chatting to actually eat my planned breakfast before my drama club meeting. I had 29g of cereal with a WW yogurt and dashed out the door. I planned on having the 1 cup of mixed berries when I got home. Ya, OK so that didn't happen either.

I got home an hour or so later and Den was just leaving to help people move a table with our truck and I got doing things. I was going to have some sliced turkey with 2 tablespoons of cranberry sauce in a whole wheat pita for lunch. Also some homemade veg soup and I can't remember what else, but it was all planned. I saw the can of Pringles and they called me. Assholes. I ate them.

I dashed off to Mah Jongg and of course was starving. Pringles are lovely, but they're not filling. I play MJ for 2.5 hours and there was no time to eat when I got back as I had a hand therapy appointment immediately.

Ian and Den had got home from town with the truck with Ian's new bed in it a few minutes before I got home. They were met at the door by a lady with a brochure for the murals in Lake Placid. If she's reading this, please email me as we would like to know where she got it as someone else wants one. Email is in my profile of course.

Oh speaking of the murals in Lake Placid, I got my new birthday camera from Ian!!! I love it. It's small and PINK! It just needs a small bag to slip it into now so the display doesn't get scratched. Hint, hint, hint! It fits in my purse which is also small and I carry it everywhere with me now. It's so cool! Sorry, just had to get that in.

I went to hand therapy at 4. They heated me up and electrocuted me for 20 minutes, ultrasound with hydro cortisone cream for 5 minutes each finger, massaged the tendons of the 6 fingers that won't play nice, used some sort of phallic ice tool to ice down each tendon, and oh yes, bent the thumb backwards until they heard it snap and it touched the back of my wrist. OK, so they didn't actually make it snap, but it felt like it!

Came home from that and just said screw it. We're going out to dinner. Olive Garden of course.

I just don't understand where my mind goes when this happens. I won't quit trying to figure it out and prevent it. I know that I'll not bring Pringles into the house again! Crackers either. I love cheese and crackers and if they're here, I want to eat them. So, no more. I'm OK with candy. I can have that in the fridge and eat just 1 small piece. At least I'm learning eh???

I'm a stubborn old bird.



  1. That fairy visits my house as well...I think shes been around a bit today as I feel as if all day I am fighting her off...mine is not because I'm too busy to eat, mine is cause I'm so bored!!

  2. I call it the hungry monster. Just like the WW Hungry guy! lol He is on my fridge actually with a dry erase board note to ME- ARE YOU REALLY? (Hungry) :)

    So I think clearing out the BAD from your house would be helpful. Make sure you have stuff handy to grab- if you had packed your lunch and snacks in the AM you would have stayed OP on the go.

    I know you dont need me to preach to ya! lol

    PS dont send the pringles here...or the crackers Im addicted. hehe

  3. oh the eat me fairy visited me yesterday as well. Today is a new day!

  4. the eat me fairy is currently staying with me. been here a week and doesnt look like leaving any time soon....

  5. I've had that fairy as a long term visitor in my house many, many times. Once she stayed 10 years. I don't think I ever got rid of her completely, but I can usually get say good-bye to her pretty quickly!

    All jokes aside, you can get back on track. It is good you know that candy is okay to have, but not Pringles. One thing at a time!