Saturday, November 7, 2009

I love you guys!!

OMG you people are fantastic!

Here I am all fat and bloated and needing, but of course not wanting, to get back OP. Any idea how hard that is? Of course you do. You've probably been there. I mean really, who wants to HAVE to watch every morsel of food that goes into their mouth? I sure don't.

When I don't, I get fatter. Kind of simplistic, but that's the way it is. I apparently don't understand moderation or control. I only know eat right or not eat right. I'm going to try really hard to learn new tricks. You're helping.

I read blogs for motivation, but I'm not sure if any of you have any idea how much the comments you give here help me. A lot. I read that someone is in the same boat as I'm not the only one? I read someone else say 'you can do it' maybe I can? Today someone said I motivated them....holy cow...really???? Someone else said they loved me, flabby skin and all....God how wonderful was that?? All the 'I'm with you's', and the 'you can do it's', and the 'get your fat ass in gear's' really help. Maybe not so much the 'get your fat ass in gear'.....those just kind of piss me off most times.

So, I have been OP for 3 whole days now. Today is day 4. Wow.

One day while out shopping, they had samples of pie in the bakery. Small little cups filled with pie. I ate one and enjoyed it tremendously. I didn't buy a whole pie and eat it. I think that was amazing. I didn't say 'oh I ate the pie, I might as well eat everything else that doesn't move today'. Nope, I ate the pie, counted a point for it, enjoyed it, and kept on with my day. I've never done that before.

I so want to learn how to do that in every aspect. I want to learn that I can go out for Mexican and not have it lead to a whole day of pigging out, or worse, a whole week. I want to go for Mexican tonight. I don't want healthy Mexican, I want flautas. I want to be totally OP the rest of the day. OMG if I can just learn to do this. I have to learn to do this. I don't thrive on deprivation. I'm having enough troubles with the rest of stuff in my life, I don't need it here!

Thank you for your support, your comments, your blog love. It means more than I can express.

I can do it with your help. I believe that.

With all my heart and soul.



  1. I also find the blogs to be an inspiration. Loved the pie sample story. Doesn't that control feel powerful?

  2. YES!!!!!!!!! I can totally relate to your post. Even the part about taking the sample....but not buying the whole pie. We have a frozen custard place here in town. Once a week during the summer, I take the kids to get a cone of custard. I take the daily special sample, and do not order myself a cone. I sure as hell don't NEED it. Yes, I WANT it. However, it's just not worth it. I save up those fabulous custard and ice cream moments for special times. Like when Debby comes to visit me & we pork out on Italian food and Graeters ice cream!!! THAT'S when it all becomes worth the splurge. Today is simply not special enough for anything more than a sample.

  3. I always relate to your blog...that's why I read it all the time. I am so in the same boat. I know this is a lifelong struggle and knowing others have the same struggle is helpful...even though I sure wish none of us had to deal with this. I don't wish weight/food control issues on anyone. It's the hardest endeavor in my opinion!

    Keep up the good work. One bite at a time.

    Blog===love right back atcha!

  4. High 5 for being OP! :) I LUV Mexican food....I love it so much that I dont trust myself to go to my favorite place. lol If you saw how much food I use to eat when I went there you would DIE! lol Never needed a doggie bag, ever! YUM YUM YUM! lol


  5. i too also love these blogs i have only been doin it a couple days but i makes me feel like i am not alone in this weight loss journey

    i also need to figure out how to eat something not so great and not have to pig out the rest of the day that is hard i think i feel like i already ate something not great so y not have some more i hate that

    but we will get past this together

  6. You CAN do it, Deb. And you know it. Everybody meanders off the path from time to time...the question is how long do we take to get our ass back on?

    You are doing good.

  7. i feel like i could have written this post. i feel the same way about blog love. i need it. it helps me so much. i would never have made it this far without starting my blog.

    kudos to being back on plan, m'lovely! keep it up <3