Saturday, November 28, 2009

He always sings jazzy music to his cattle

as he swings back and forth in his saddle.

That's right, Pixie is back in the saddle after Thanksgiving. Who the hell knew I could do it? Yes, the day is young and it's very hard already, but I have confidence I can do it. I can learn that 1 or 2 days of unfettered eating doesn't have to turn into a week every single time. Holy moly, old dog, new trick!!

OK, so it's supposed to be 'raggy' and not 'jazzy', but my Mama taught me jazzy. I suppose you youngins don't have a rats ass idea what I'm going on about I'll clue you in. It's a song my Mama and I used to sing on car trips. Wrong I've found as I've just googled the lyrics!

This is how it's supposed to be. You can listen to it here though it's not quite the same beat even that Mama and I used to sing it. You'll get the drift though.

He al-ways sings rag-gy mu-sic to the cat-tle
As he swings back and for-ward in the sad-dle
On a horse that is syn-co-pat-ed, gait-ed,
And there's such a fun-ny me-ter to the roar of his re-peat-er
How they run when hear that fel-low's gun
Because the West-ern folks all know
He's a high-fa-lut-ing, scoot-ing, shoot-ing
Son-of-a-gun from ar-iz-o-na Rag-time Cow Boy Joe.

This is how Mama and I used to sing it:

He always sings jazzy music to his cattle,
as he swings back and forth in his saddle,
on a horse a great big horse, in a syncopated seater,
and it's such a funny meter to the roar of his repeater,
how they run when they hear that fellows gun,
cuz the western folk all know,
he's a high falutin, rootin, tootin, son of a gun from Arizona,
Rag time cowboy, talk about your cowboy, ragtime cowboy Joe!

What does this have to do with losing weight? Not a darn thing. Just a memory I have that makes me smile.

Memory lane...a nice place to visit sometimes.

Sometimes memory lane lets us do things we really shouldn't. In the past, Thanksgiving was always a week of bad eating. I remember that and think I have to keep doing it. No, I don't. Christmas also. Memory lane says I get candy and cookies and I must eat them for a week or two. No, I don't.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with our friends. We ate, drank, and definitely were merry. Friday I had more pie, a big fat ham sandwich on a homemade bun and some other stuff too. Today, when normally I'd continue the eating frenzy, I'm back on program. I've got all my meals planned for today. Oh it'll be tough sticking to the plan as it's not something I'm used to. It's not something I want to do. It's not my memory. I'm trying to install a new memory chip. Make a new routine.

I think with a lot of self talk I can do it. I bet we all could. I want to learn to enjoy a special day WITH it's special food treats and not think it means I have to keep eating special treats for the next week or month. I want to bring the special back into special. Pumpkin pie is slice once in a while. Not a whole pie from Sam's when ever I want. Have you even seen the size of the pumpkin pies Sam's makes??? They're huge!! They're also very good and TBM and I ate a whole one in 2 days earlier this fall. NOOOOOO that wasn't special. That was gluttony. OK, so gluttony is my favorite of the 7 deadlies...but still!

So, I could keep eating today....but then it wouldn't be special anymore.

All together now....

As we swing back and forth in our saddles!!!!



  1. :) Good job Pixie! :)

    Today would have been another day of bingeing for me! I took 4 ounces of turkey home for a sandwich yesterday. Today I will have another one when I go to my parents. Far cry from the 12 tupperware containers that I use to fill to the brim with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, creamed spinach, and more gravy! I would freeze them and eat them for a month. Of course I had to pour more canned gravy over it after it defrosted. Man no wonder I was sick to my tummy after I ate! lol

    Heres to making new memories with less food! lol :)

  2. did good today Deb...I have decided the best way for me to do good at Thanksgiving? Eat at someone else's house....preferably someone who doesn't make all the things you like.

    We went to my son's house for Thanksgiving. It was he and his wife's first time to cook for Thanksgiving. It was quite...stressful to say the least. Anyway, the daughter in law did a wonderful job on the turkey and the sweet potatoes and squash casserole were wonderful (why because I cooked them). But, the things that were her family traditions...well I didn't like them...which helped me from pigging out!

    Sorry this was long! Anyway, think I will try that again next year.....OK maybe not. Don't like the son's in-laws...and it made for quite a stressful day! It was still good though..don't get me wrong!

    Peace out!

  3. Right on woman, get back on that saddle!

    You always make me smile!