Saturday, November 14, 2009

Are you a nibbler

or a popper?

When you have a treat, do you nibble at it and enjoy it? Or, do you take a big hand full and pop it into your mouth?

Think popcorn or M & M's here. Just now, while enjoying a funsize bag of M & M's, I noticed I'm a popper. A shoveler even. There are only about 6 M & M's in the whole frigging bag and I dumped some into my hand and they all went into my mouth at once. I do the same with popcorn which is my second favorite food in the whole wide world after bacon. I take a hand full and shovel it into my mouth. I wonder why?

Why, if I have a treat, do I feel the need to shovel instead of savor? Wouldn't those M & M's and that popcorn last longer if I ate them one at a time? Wouldn't I enjoy them more if I took time to savor them?

My friend keeps telling me (OK 3 times in our history together so I guess it's not 'keeps'...but obviously it struck a nerve)that when I'm eating something like chips, pretzels, or crackers, I have my hand in the bag getting the next one ready before I've finished the one I have in my mouth. He's right. I do. Not sure why. I know nobody is going to take it away from me. I mean face it, does it look like anyone has EVER taken food away from me? It's not that I'm in a rush to eat and have to get it in fast. I just don't know why I do that. Habit I'm guessing. A habit I need to break.

Perhaps if I was a nibbler, not only would my food last longer, I'd eat less. Never's definitely worth a try.

Something for me to think about in the coming week. Perhaps something for you to think about also.



  1. lol Sean once told me that I do that with my popcorn ( I dont share it out of a bowl with him-we get separate bowls because Im greedy like that) but I would take a fistful and stuff my face with it. hehe Now I try to take one or two at a lasts longer and yeah, I guess I do enjoy it more. :)

  2. While testing this as an experiment quite some time ago, I realized I don't even LIKE crappy milk chocolate like M&Ms and Hershey's kisses. If you slow down, they don't even taste good!

    It's amazing.

  3. I'm ashamed to say I'm a popper as well....most and again ( in company ) I'll nibble and behave myself....terrible hey.

  4. Yes, but nibblers are people who don't really like to eat, they only do it to keep themselves alive. They are the kind of people who can eat one Pringle. One peanut. One square of chocolate. We should pity them, because they are abnormal.

  5. Oh I am such a popper. Popcorn is one of all my all-time fav foods too and I feel like no movie is "complete" without a bucket of caramel popcorn sitting in my lap. Good thing I haven't been to movies much lately though.

    I need to work on nibbling too :)

    Missed you too Debby!!!

  6. Popper. definitely verging on shoveler.
    I could really eat some M&Ms.

    i do that. but with my fork. it is loaded with food before i have even finished my first mouthful. loaded and waiting.

  7. Most definitely at popper! You and I sound so much alike! I do the same, especially with chips. They are my downfall!

    Thanks for making me take a look at myself!