Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Get set....

Yep that's right. Today is T minus 24 and counting. OK, so technically it's T minus 17:19 and counting.

We're going shopping today. Nothing like retail therapy to help get a gals mind back in order.

Ya right, I'm not your typical female. I hate shopping. Unless it's for tools. Oh my God I could spend hours and hours in the tool section of Sears.

It's not tool shopping though. I need a new printer, the $120 pillows suck so I'm on a pillow quest again. Oh I do so love those. NOT! I need to go to Sam's to get some things to send my nephew in Iraq. His third tour...he deserves some love from home.

Shit I'm waffling already...see what happens when I try to post before my coffee??? today is the day I have to get my shit together as tomorrow is the day I get back on program.

WI is not going to be pretty today. I've never had a problem taking a gain that I've deserved. I ate it, I enjoyed it, I gained, what the hell did you expect? I just suck it up and get on with it. I'm not happy about it this time. Maybe I'll remember this next time I want to go on a 2 month binge eh???? I don't want to face the lady on the scale.

Today, along with all the shopping, we're hoping to go to the beach. I plan to use that time to lay and ponder. I shall let the sun soak into my body and rejuvinate me. I'll let the ocean water roll over me and carry all my negative stuff away. I'll come out all baptized in new on programedness hope. That's the problem with being a Pixie.... friggin fairies gang up and shoot sun beams up your ass if they think you need it. Makes you all sunshiney from the inside out and all poetic and full of hope and shit. I get them back though...I zap them with my 'I don't give a shit' wand. That really pisses the little assholes off.

Anyway, today I'm going to get my mind wrapped around being OP tomorrow. I'm going to have a meal plan. I'm going to get rid of the crap that's in the house.

Oh yes, I plan on moving my fat ass tomorrow too. God I hope it doesn't revolt!

Wish me luck. Send me strong vibes as I'm going to need them.



  1. NOOOOOOOOOO, sorry but had a little giggle that you loved tools, thats a first for me...hehe
    I love make up, clothing, and all pink pretty things...such a girl hey!!

    Where are you that you can go lie on the beach?? its winter time for most of us but I know in my home country South Africa its beach time there...

    Good luck with starting your program again can do it girl.

  2. :) Move forward my friend.... that is all you can do. :)

  3. 1) I hate my pillows and have been on a mission to find the perfect pillow for YEARS now.

    2) I am not a shopper either. However, stick me in an office supply store & I want to move in. I even love the SMELL of Office Depot. It's an illness.

    3) Have a good day today. Just today. Don't even think about tomorrow. Just get through today. Sound advice from your buddy in Cincinnati doing the same. :)

  4. I'm with Heather. I go nuts in Office Max, buying paper and office supplies. Didn't know you liked tools.

    Enjoy your shopping day and relaxing at the beach. And I'm sending you good vibrations for getting back on track tomorrow.

  5. Good luck! I love any kind of shopping, but soooo love Lowe's and Home Depot :D

  6. i hate shopping too! ~*high fives* unless its for books.

    its too cold to visit the beaches here. boooo.

    *sends strong vibes* positive, positive, positive.