Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

This is my nephew Patrick. The good looking guy on the left. He's on his second or third one year tour in Iraq. He flies a Black Hawk. When you hear on the TV news 'Black Hawk down', it could be him. It has been him. He's been shot down once. He obviously survived, his tail gunner was hit. Patrick is the same age as my oldest boy. They were babies together. They're not babies anymore.

These are Patrick's babies. He's missed 1 year of his oldest boy's life and is in the process of missing the second year in that boy's, and the first year in the next boy's life. It's just not fair is it?

My thoughts today are of him, of all the boys & girls over there.

I pray they come home safely, and soon.

I have things to send over to him. You'd think the damn post office would give you a break on postage for our soldiers wouldn't you? I'd send a box every week if I could afford it. I can't. Damn.

It's young boys like this that in the past have fought for the freedoms that we have in this country. It's young people like this that are over there now, losing their lives. They're not faceless, they're someones baby.

We owe them....we owe them a lot.



  1. We certainly do! God bless your nephew and all those serving and protecting our country today and in the past!

  2. This post makes me just fall in love with you Debbie! In a totally non sexual way so quit ogling me! :D

  3. Debbie how sad for father and his son's that the war is keeping them apart.

    The British are also celebrating today, see it on the news.

  4. Yes, it's Remembrance Day in Britain and we had two minutes' silence in our office (and that's a miracle in itself, I'll say it before anyone else does!)

  5. my hubby served when we didnt have kids i couldnt imagine having children adn missing years of their lives
    god bless your nephew
    they are all in my prayers