Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bless me father.....

for I have sinned.

Oops, no I haven't, I just feel like I have.

So, it's freaking cold here. Hello? It's June. Summer and all? Should I really be wearing jeans, sweatshirts, turtlenecks, heavy socks, and STILL be freezing my whatevers off? No!!!! I was in need of comfort today an I got it.

Today was just lovely. We went to Mass and then were going to go shopping. We were of course starving. Thought of stopping home and having lunch and then hitting the store. Instead, I suggested broasted chicken at our favorite eatery for that. I like to use some flex points on Sunday.

For those of you that don't know about broasted chicken, let me fill you in (or you can go to the link and read how it's really done). You start with fresh, not frozen chicken. You soak it in soaky stuff for a day. You season it and put it in the special dip and then you put it in the broaster. A broaster is a kicked up deep fryer. It has a lid that locks down and some water is injected into the hot oil and it cooks fast, hot, and it's ever so moist, tender, and mmmmmm good! Greasy? No. Nutritional information puts a chicken breast or thigh, with wonderful mouth watering skin, at 7 points. That in itself is a heavenly treat, but with broasted taters to go with it? Divine. High point? Yep. Worth it? For me, occasionally, hell yes. It was a lovely lunch.

We then went to visit my girlfriend for a bit and then on to Wally World and our local smaller grocery store. Came home in the pouring rain. The cold pouring rain. Not even 50 degrees, again, hellooooooooo it's June!!!!! Comfort I need you now!

I'd planned filet mignon for dinner. That didn't sound good at all. I'm cold. I'm tired. I want true comfort food. Mac and cheese. Dare I? You bet your bippy. That's what I love about the Weight Watcher program. To me it's not giving in to comfort food if I plan, track, stay within my points etc. It's what makes WW doable. I made a serving of kick ass mac and cheese for my dinner. It was 10 points. It did not fill me up. Was it worth it? Oh hell yes. It warmed my insides. It fed my soul. It was exactly what I wanted, so I'm full in other ways.

I get 23 points a day according to my online tracker. I still think it's 22 and have NO idea where they're getting 23, but I'm eating them anyway! Of course we get 35 extra a week. I don't care if I use them all in one day and thought that day would be today.

The 'damage' for today? Total points 29. Holy guacamole Batman, I can eat more if I want to.

I don't want to. I'm satisfied. If I thought I couldn't have more, I'd not be satisfied. Weight Watchers have it goin on. They've figured out those of us that need to play mind games with themselves. They've got my number. I love it!



  1. Hurrah for Weight Watchers and for you staying on track :> I need some awesome-ness from you!

  2. I splurged today as well- I ate a veggie spring roll!! OHH With sweet and sour sauce!! WHOO HOOOO I FREAKIN LOVE WW!! LOL :) Cheers to being able to have what we want and let those people on a DIET starve! Whoo hoo!