Friday, June 5, 2009

Work and stuff

I worked today. I really, really, really, really, wanted an antipasta salad with blue cheese dressing. Total points? 56! I managed to talk myself out of it thank God.

I then wanted fried zucchini with blue cheese dressing. Yes, I know, a trend! Our blue cheese dressing has 180 calories, 20 grams of fat and no fiber in a 2T serving. I eat 8T at a time. Sounds like a lot, it isn't. The cups we serve our dressing in are 4oz and I always, always, ate 2 minimum. I managed to talk myself out of that too.

I then wanted chocolate pudding. I took my fat self into the bathroom and turned on the water so nobody could hear and I talked out loud to myself in the mirror. Yep, I did. What did I say? Oh, I gave myself what for!

"Are you out of your f'ing mind? Did you honest to God just get over gaining 15 pounds and hate it and NOW you want to eat more? Earth to Debby. You are NOT even hungry!!!!! Get a grip and shut the F up as I don't want to hear you bitching about wanting food again. Got it???" I then got pissed at the bitch that was talking to me like that, pouted like a little kid, and said 'FINE!'. I stopped just short of stamping my foot.

I went back to work, and not wanting another lecture from the biotch in the mirror, I thrust all cravings for food out of my mind.

I'm home now. Feet up, and I feel good about not eating. It was close, I'll be honest. I did it though. I won.

I had a WW pizza for dinner. Sucked. 7 points and I ate it and was still starving.

I shall plan better for tomorrow for sure.

For now, it's Debby 1, cravings 0.

Let the games continue!



  1. YES to the score!! Thank GOD you turned on the water in the bathroom! lol Too funny! I LOVE blue cheese dressing- so Im right there with ya on how tempting that can be! I baked some zucchini recently and it hit the spot! :)