Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The pebble that started the avalanche

It was a banana bar.

An innocent enough, quite small, banana bar.

I had to work today. V, the lady I work with, occasionally brings treats in. Oh yes, though I walk through valley of the shadow of pizza, fried zucchini, garlic bread, cheesecake, cheesy sticks, chocolate pudding, blue cheese dressing, & other good things, I managed to resist temptation until today.

I don't know why. I went to work with a plan. I had my dinner ready for when I got home. I had my gym bag packed for after work, the whole 9 yards. I got to work at noon and I was starving already...that's probably the crux of the problem. I had oatmeal for breakfast. I love it, but it does not fill me at all. I'm hungry when I'm done eating it...but I do love it! I won't be having it on a work day again I can tell you that much!!!

I popped one of those banana bars into my mouth. They're small you know? Oh it was heaven on my tongue. Moist, bananaey, just wonderful. Did I quit then? Nope. Oh if only I had! I had 2 more. Yum.

My favorite pizza, ham and mushroom, came up on the pizza buffet line. I put one aside. I ate that. Yum. Did I stop there? Nope.

Break time rolled around. I fixed a salad. Somehow cheese, croutons, seeds, and blue cheese dressing ended up on it. I'm not sure how it happened, but a plate with cottage cheese and chocolate pudding appeared too. Unfortunately, they joined the basked of fried zucchini! It was awesome dipped in the homemade ranch dressing we make at work.

I worked a long day. Pizza buffet rolled around again at 5pm. Sighhh some of the hot, buttery, cheesy sticks ended up down my gullet.

I finally got to punch out a bit after 8pm. I sat down with a piece of cheesecake and some potato chips and chatted about.....WEIGHT WATCHERS with a few of the girls!

Laughing here....gotta laugh or cry. I choose laugh.

So, home from work. Gee I'm hungry! I had a homemade chocolate chip cookie and a glass of milk when I got home. My daughter in law makes gooooooood cookies!!! They had walnuts in them...that's a healthy nut right?

So, I'm off to have dinner now. I'm thinking half a pig perhaps? Maybe a leg of cow? Not sure how to top what I've already eaten today!

I did walk home from work. I got 13,500 steps today. I'm pretty sure that's not enough to cover what I ate.

Do I feel bad? No. Kind of wish I did...and kind of glad I don't.

Weigh in isn't going to be pretty tomorrow night.

Ah well, lifetime journey and all that.

That damn f'ing pebble got me this time. I think I'm prepared to hold strong next time. The time after that? I'm not too sure. I'll just take one avalanche at a time!



  1. mmm blue cheese dressing is my all time favorite. Nothing better than GOOD homemade blue cheese dressing...ok maybe the dressing drizzled over a wedge salad with bacon crumbles, chopped tomatoes, and crushed pecans. Damn it! Now look what you did! Haha!

    :) Somedays are better than others. Tomorrow is a BRAND NEW DAY!

  2. For some reason Oatmeal does leave you more hungry than you were before eating it. I think that's why a lot of people,put tons of fruit and nuts and peanut butter in their oatmeal. They make a meal out of it.
    I just opt not to eat it anymore. lol

    I have days like this, when I can't stop eating. I'm not really hungry either. And the foods on those days, are never healthy.
    Thank goodness, those days, not come very often.

    All you can do, is put today behind you and continue eating well. I still think you're doing a great job, with walking. Keep that up, and the rest will follow.

    {{Hugs}} Hope today is full of fruits and Veggies. lol

  3. Mmmmmmm...bananaey. I almost ate a fly yesterday in a chocolate chip eating frenzy. What has gotten into us??? Must be something in the air with blowing it. lmao

  4. totally drooling over your day of sin... hang in there just one day, one delicious mouth watering day!

  5. I think the great thing is that you wrote about it, and hey - - it's just one day, and you know it happened and you know why. And tomorrow's another day - - and can I get any more cliches into one blog comment?