Friday, June 19, 2009

Who ya gonna call?

I took it outside today.

When my boys were young (OK last year), and they started to wrestle around in the living room, I'd say 'take it outside boys'! I didn't care if they kicked the snot out of each other as long as they didn't break my stuff. Today, I took my exercise outside. It's all this guys fault as he did it yesterday.

Yep, I pulled on my big girl panties (to quote that guy, and they really were my big girl panties as it's laundry day and the...well you get the drift), and hit the pavement. I said I was going to shake up my cardio this week and I'm doing that. Yesterday was a cross training cardio session at the gym and today was walking/jogging outside. Yep, that's right. This fat chick jogged a bit. I kept thinking of Ghostbuster's while I was walking for some reason. I got ready to go and the line 'Let's show this prehistoric bitch how we do things downtown... ' popped into my mind and off I went!

I would see a set of mailboxes and tell myself I'd jog between them...I'd hit it running. Get half way to the next set and the line 'mother pus bucket' burst from my lips. I shit you not! I made it though!

I was sweating like a pig. I breathed heavy. My heart rate was definitely up.

I came, I saw, I kicked it's ass.

This chick is toast.

Shit, now I gotta go to work!!!!!



  1. WTG Debby! I got off my ass yesterday too- and the big shocker, Im gonna do it again today too! Whoo hoooo! :)

  2. kick ass! that should calm the ranch dressing ghosts for a bit. thanks for the blog love,yo

  3. lol great post. I love when other bloggers inspire us.

    You did good today! You inspired me! :)

  4. Too funny!! Way to go on the ass kickin'.