Thursday, June 4, 2009

No tappity tap

I love when I read the blog of Carlos (note how I avoid the dreaded ' or not to ' there???), and he taps once, taps twice on his weigh in day.

We're digital and wired at WW, so no tapping. Just suck in a deep breath and step on up ladies and gentleman. I did just that last night at 5:30PM at my meeting. As Emeril would say 'BAM!' down 4.4 pounds. Oh ya, this old lady rocked it last night. I was thrilled. I just want to get as far away from that 200 number as I can. You see, being a woman, and being 50, there are weeks when I gain for no particular reason. I do NOT want one of those weeks to break my promise to never go back over 200 again. So, let's keep those numbers going down, down, down!

Because of Heather telling us of a free month for new members if they join online, my girlfriend joined last night! Awesome. I have a friend on the trail with me now. It's exciting to not be going alone. We'll support each other. Now, I just need to get her to the gym with me!

I'm off to the gym today at 1pm for a full round of cardio and strength training. I've got most of my daily meals and snacks planned. I don't work until tomorrow. Today I'm going to reward myself with some 'me' time. Yes, I really don't have that many commitments, but I tend to not do the things I love every day. That stops now. I love to read. Books, magazines, you name it. I've got a ton of magazines that I've not read. I love to sit in the sun in my Cracker Barrel rocking chair. So, today, I intend to sit in the sun and read a magazine! I won't look at the gardens that need weeding. I won't look at the hedges that need trimming. I won't think of the laundry that needs doing. I won't think of the mess in my basement oasis that I keep promising I'll tame. Nope, I'll sit and read a whole magazine, perhaps sipping on some Crystal Light lemonade. Oh ya, that's what I'm going to do.

I deserve it.

I'm Debby, I'm 50, I've got loving friends and family, I'm exercising, and I'm losing weight (I'd like to not be broke though!).

How much better can it get?



  1. BAM! I love it! AMAZING loss this week! Great job Debby!!

  2. That's an inspirational loss, Deb. Another great week, two on the bounce. And considering you were at a wedding, then it's a huge woohoooo for you.

    The first two lines of this post went right over my head but never mind, maybe I had to have read Carlos !

  3. that damned ' has been the bane of my existence! thanks mom and dad. Kick ass loss way to get back after it. I like vodka in my crystal light lemonade fyi!

  4. AWESOME! I'm so glad she officially joined. It is SO much more fun to go with a buddy. Ironically, I've not had a WW buddy since I started working for WW. lmao

  5. This was a great post!

    Congrats on the loss. Your attitude rocks!

    Each day should be a "me day".

    I had a friend join me when I first started out. It really help keep me motivated. When she dropped out, I was loving where I was at,I kept on going. :)

    Keep up the good work!

    Ps. You're looking good!