Friday, September 11, 2009

All around a pig's ass is pork

It's all the fault of Carlos! All his talk about pork and stuff. Any of you remember Flip Wilson? He used to squeal 'The Devil made me do it!!'...well tonight I was saying 'Carlos made me do it!'

We had a pig fest tonight. We're in Wisconsin visiting my second son and his family. I got in some good grammy snuggling pre-pork fest and it was awesome.

We had a late dinner and went to a great restaurant. Den had stuffed pork loin and I had a half rack of baby back ribs. OMG they were melt in your mouth good. It was served with a large bowl of both cottage cheese and cole slaw and a basket of bread, natch. My dinner came with mashed taters and gravy and also some baked beans. Den's came with mashed taters and a bowl of buttered carrots. The table was groaning I swear. It was bone sucking good.

The difference between this porcine adventure and ones in the past is we brought left overs home. Yep, even TBM only ate 1/2 of his meal. I quit with meat still on the ribs...unheard of in the past. We did wipe out the bread basket, but to be fair it only had 1 bread roll in it and 2 small sweet bread squares. Burrrp

I lost .6 at my WI Wednesday. Holy shit was I pumped. My goal, if you remember, it to maintain until I get my act together back in FL. I'm practicing mindful eating and trying to only eat when hungry and stop when full etc. Didn't work so well tonight so tomorrow I'll try to be more vigilant. I'm stoked at my .6 loss!!!!!

We're going to the zoo tomorrow with the fam. It should be awesome. For once I know I won't be the fattest broad there. Oh the power that instills.

I think I'm doing great. I think I might be learning stuff. I used to talk to my Daddy a lot...I'd tell him I think this and I think that....I'd ask him what he thought and often he'd say 'I think all around a pigs ass is pork'.

Oink oink baby!



  1. Ribs...mmmmmmmmm...I so love ribs. I don't know how you brought any home...

    even that pig's ass thing can't make me stop worshipping the thought of ribs.

  2. Im with Fat Daddy- I could do some damage to a full rack of ribs. Pork ribs are the best! I went the whole summer without one single rib now you made me REALLY wanna have that mean...hey lets just blame the original PORKER here...CARLOS! lol

    :) OINK OINK! No way I could ever be a Vegetarian! lol

  3. my fault really? harsh but fair!

  4. I *heart* BBQ!!!! I think I'm going to get a tattoo that says so.

    I love going places and realizing I'm, for once, not the fattest chick in the room. My 74 year old mom was not thrilled with the idea of going to the water park with us this summer....until she got there. She looked better, at 74 years old, than many of the 30 year olds there. There's a lot to be said about taking charge of your own health and weight.