Thursday, September 24, 2009

Almost Ready

to get back on program.

Yep, it's nearly that time again. Pants are tight. I feel fat. I don't like it much. Hold on to the babies, I think I want to eat a veg that isn't even deep fried! I think I NEED a fruit and some fiber. OMG, it's a revelation!

After leaving Carrabba's tonight, I was thinking. Yes, perhaps dangerous after 3 glasses of wine. I was sitting in the truck after a fabulous meal and I felt fat. Interesting. I weigh about 160 pounds less than I did at my highest weight (ya, I've gained about 20 pounds I think in the last month), and yet I still felt fat. Really fat. It was an amazing discovery. It means that I got used to weighing less than 200 and I felt good about it. Now that I've gained weight, I don't like it. Awesome. It's incentive to get back on program. It means when I reach my goal, and I will, I won't let myself get back to nearly 400 pounds as I hate it. It means I won't let myself get back to 200 pounds as I hate it. Awesome!!!! I thought I wouldn't feel fat again until I was 'really' fat.

Maybe I finally understand someone who I think is skinny saying 'I feel fat today.' I can't wait until someone doesn't understand me saying that.

It will happen. Oh yes it will.



  1. You will get back on know how to do it girl! :)

  2. I know that feeling. That "I'm almost ready" feeling. I felt that way for about a year, and then it hit me late this summer that I was finally ready.

  3. Hee hee - good to hear that we all adjust in time - I was wondering about that! We'll be right here with you, still truckin' along when you get past the "almost ready" and onto "ready".