Monday, September 21, 2009

On the road again

Nah, not blogging about old Willie tonight. TBM and I have hit the road on our yearly migration south. Yep, we're snowbirds.

Tonight's stop is near Cincinnati, OH. We just had an amazing dinner with Heather and her hubby. OMG it was so much fun! Food? Amazing. Guilt? Not on your life.

I had yogurt for breakfast today and I figure that cancels out the ice cream I had tonight. Works in my little world!

Tomorrow I'm going to Heather's Weight Watcher meeting. I've got a feeling it'll be a really fun meeting.

Right now there's a pillow top bed and 4 down filled pillows calling my name. More about tonight when I'm not so tired.

Damn I'm getting old.



  1. of my favorite places. Love the migration diary! Good luck at the meeting.

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  3. Sounds like a fun time was had by all. Have a safe trip and a wonderful 7 or 8 months. I'm so jealous.