Saturday, September 26, 2009

I love my friends

Daphne, my friend from England, said this to me in an email today.

Wait, first let me splain. She is an awesome swimmer. She's my age. She's got the endurance, well, of a long enduring thing. Daphne was telling how she'd swum 42 lengths of the pool and felt good.

I live in a park with 2 swimming pools. I used to be a lifeguard. Do I swim? Hell no. I float about on my noodle and chat with all my other bobbing friends. Yes, I have a noodle. Want to make something of it? It's pink!

I've never considered swimming good cardio exercise so why really bother doing it? Well, right now as you've listened to me whine about it, everything hurts. Maybe swimming might help loosen things up? It might not give my heart a work out, but it should help keep some of the other muscles in shape. They, whoever 'they' are, keep telling us we need to shake things up with our exercise. So, after I told Daphne that she'd inspired me to swim today (all of 2 lengths mind you, gotta start out slow you know!), she wrote me the following:

I always feel better after swimming - so much so that if I can't decide whether or not to go, I have a little mantra that I say to myself - - "Daphne, you have NEVER regretted going for a swim!" I hope you'll enjoy it!"

Wow, what words. Have any of us regretted doing exercise? No, we only regret NOT doing it.

God I love my friends. I learn so much from them.

No regrets for the Puffy Pixie today. Her fat ass is hitting the pool!!



  1. Have fun in the pool and leave the noodle this time lol!

  2. I signed up to learn exercises in an indoor 92 degree pool with the local arthritis foundation. If all goes well I start next Thurs. Im nervous!!! YIKES! I love to swim and if I had a pool Id have a pink noodle too. lol :)

  3. Thank you for quoting me! It's true - I've never, ever regretted swimming. I'm not good at running, never have been, and I'm not a particularly fast swimmer - - but I feel so much better every time I swim.

  4. I LOVE swimming. I find it to be a good cardio but I really really love the stretching, the muscle fatigue, and the relaxation that comes with it. Every time I think I should try something else, the pool calls me back!

  5. Ohh I love to swim!! I just don't have a pool to play in :( Have fun!

  6. awesome... like our own little fishy!