Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh yes I did!

Did TBM and I go here yesterday???

Oh yeah!

OH, and watch the video here. Did I eat the DDD burger? Hell yes I did! Did I eat a big plate of deep fried gizzards? Hell yes. Did I eat a plate of deep fried cauliflower, poppers, pickles, cheese sticks? Oh yes, dipped in ranch dressing too.

Did I consider the deep fried nutter butters with a side of jam? Did I pause to think about a deep fried Twinkies, oreo's, or cheesecake? Oh sure I did. I passed on that...after all, I'm on Weight Watchers!

Good grief I was ill. My mouth was in heaven right up until my stomach started to revolt! I could just hear it screaming at me. 'Are you f'ing out of your mind woman????' "WTF are you doing to me???" I tried to calm it...I promised nothing but salads and fruit for days to come. It kept screaming back. At one point I heard it holler 'EVERYONE OUT OF THE POOL!!!' That scared me. It didn't scare me as much as when I heard it holler 'OK, half of you go out the way you came in, and the other half take the back door!!!'

Joe's Gizzard City was the cap off of a trip to Wisconsin to visit my son and family. Eating was far from stellar there too. I took lasagna for one meal. I brought zucchini bread and butter for the room and of course I found peanut butter cake in the freezer so took that too. Gotta clean out the freezer before FL you know!! We found a Cold Stone Creamery. We dined at a place called 'The Machine Shed'...twice. The list goes on. Good food, and lots of it. Oink oink baby!

My hopes of a maintain this week are shot. I'm guessing I haven't got this self control thing down yet. I'm not giving up, I'm too stubborn for that. I live in hopes that some day I'll learn moderation.

Have I learned anything from this week? Yep, I've learned that if I ate a few less deep fried gizzards there would be room for a deep fried Oreo or two!

Hey, baby steps right?



  1. Haha Debby you are hilarious. Yes that is what I live for too, that one day hopefully I will learn the practice of moderation.
    I know you probably don't need to hear this but get back on track soon yeah! I am doing not-so-bad this week and I need you to be on the "same side" with me! ;D

  2. I was about to go eat breakfast but suddenly Im not hungry any more. lol YIKES! At least you had fun right? lol


  3. Nice try making gizzards sound good. My dad was a big chicken liver man...and he tried that shit on me too. Now the twinkees and cookies? Count me in!

    Back on the wagon sister...your post made my mouth water!

  4. Okay, I just came over from replying to comments at my blog. I just had to see what you were up to! Now I know what you were up to.

    You will get right back on track. At least you had a great meal!