Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Getting over the hurdles

Ready! Set! Go!

Can you just picture kids in their track uniforms poised and ready for the gun shot? All pumped full of adrenalin waiting for the chance to shoot out of the block? BANG! The gun is fired and they all sprint forward ready to clear that first high hurdle. Some fly over it gracefully and race toward the next while some of us catch our foot on the damn thing and fall flat on our face.

Jumping hurdles is exactly like dieting. Remember back to the first day of your diet. Weren't you full of motivation and ready to rock and roll? How did that go for you? Did you clear the bar or did you trip and fall?

What would the kid on the track do? Would the one that caught his foot on the bar just lay there to be trod upon? Would he think 'well I'm down, I might as well have a nap?' Um no, he'd get up and go on. That's what we have to do on our weight loss and exercise journey. If we slip up and fall down, we need to get up and move on. Don't just lay there. Get up, brush yourself off, forget the slip and move on.

Don't be like the kid that lays there and looks at his sneaker either. You know the one. The one that pretends it was his shoe's fault that he didn't' clear the hurdle. Loose lace, floppy sole, whatever, it's just an excuse. He has to blame someone else as surely it couldn't be his own fault. Nope, we must suck it up as it was all our fault. Nobody is forcing food into our mouth and massaging our throats to get it to go down. Ultimately we make the decision to eat so we're the one that has to make the decision to stop. We need to pull on our big girl panties, or man up, depending on the sex, and move on.

C'mon everyone....suit up and let's hit that track shall we? We can do this. We can cross that finish line. Unlike track, it isn't a race to the finish. We don't have to do it in 30 flat. It's all about reaching the goal no matter how long it takes. READY? SET! GO!!!!

Who's with me?



  1. LEts hit the track, we can do it! Great saying!

  2. The finish line is right in sight!! When I was on my journey, I always tried to keep it in view, even while jumping over the hurdles in between!!

  3. I want to be the person shooting the gun!!!! :)

  4. *raises hand* me, Im with ya! :)

  5. This is great imagery! I think I'm constantly stumbling and tripping over little stones and pebbles (i.e. for me it's weekends, getaways, eatouts, etc..) but I haven't fallen yet.
    As they say, "you haven't failed if you keep on trying"!! :D