Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oompa Loompa

Holy shit if I was orange that's what I'd look like! More like the obnoxious little girl that turned into a blueberry and rolled around the floor. Willie Wonka ya know?

WI today was brutal. I'm talking sharp clawed bear tearing me apart brutal. Ya, another 6 pounds brutal. I haven't tallied up the gain for the feeding frenzy, I'll do that tomorrow. I believe it's about 25 pounds! Just wanted to get it out there today. Busy unpacking, but had to let you all know what I'm doing. I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I've not read blogs, I've not written blogs. I've just been having fun. Oops....all fun and no work makes a Pixie very puffy!!!!

We're still unpacking and getting settled here. I love every minute of it.

Tomorrow I'm back OP. Tomorrow I'll begin exercising again. Tomorrow the excitement of the move south, the self pity for the pain I'm in, the 'oh fuck it' attitude, will stop. Yep, tomorrow I shall start to de-puff the Pixie again!

Listen for the pffffffffffffffffffffffft to begin boys and girls!



  1. You knew it wasn't going to pretty- but you still went and faced it! Bravo to you for that! Looking forward to cheering you on when you get back up adn running! :)

  2. The inevitable right? I know. But hopefully tomorrow is not a day away when you rise and shine.

    Gotta get on it before that 25 starts having babies.

    I've been off the wagin for about 4 days now...time to strap it on...(or something like that)

    Let's do it.

  3. damn you make me proud... spectacular blowup! bet it was fun... now get to work...

  4. Oh dear. The great thing is that tomorrow gives you another day to get back on plan and get those pounds kicked back off!

    Like Fat Daddy said, don't want 25 more to come back with their friends!

  5. Kent asked me not long ago (maybe a month ago) which Willy Wonka character I think I'm most like. Without even so much as a hesitation, I blurted out "VIOLET", and it's true. He even agreed. I have no idea why he asked me that, and I never bothered to question the question. I just roll with it. I'm a gum smacking, loud, obnoxious person. And I would really like some of that gum that tastes like dinner. That would be awesome.

    Tomorrow is a new day, friend.

  6. Oh me too Debby! I've been busy getting puffy the past 2 weeks (again) and now trying it lose it back (again). It ain't easy eh? :(
    But glad we all have one another to help us along the way!!!!!!!!