Thursday, September 17, 2009

Time to pay the piper!

I hate that bastard.

So, as predicted, weigh in was grim. I warned the lady before I stepped on the scale. 'Don't panic' were my exact words. When she was ready I gingerly stepped up onto that appliance of torture. I held my breath hoping that would take off at least 5 pounds. No such luck. The scale read 196.2. Up 6 pounds. I heard the sharp intake of breath from the lady, but to give her credit, she only turned red but didn't pass out. I think she might have been tunking the weight reader thinking it was broken, but I can't be sure.

Have I learned anything? Yep I have. If you eat too much you gain weight. OMG! I didn't know that before!!! Now that I know that, I'll just not eat too much anymore. Problem solved! Oh were it that easy eh?

My meeting was very motivating last night. I got lots of good ideas. One I particularly liked was a 'no' list. We've got this one, anemic, vegan, tree hugger lady in our class. Her nasally whine sends shivers up my spine so I usually tune out anything she says. She's all pale and scrawny and always giving us advice on how we shouldn't eat anything with a face. F that. I respect your diet choice, I really do. Don't push it on me. I love me some meat. I love eggs. Shrimp have faces and they're delish! I am a charter member of PETA (people eating tasty animals). Anytime any of us say we have a problem with a particular food, she'll always spout how we should never have a problem with that food as it's got some animal product in it. We shouldn't even think about liking it because it had an ingredient that used to have a face. Screw that shit, makes me want it all the more! Anyway, if she has no problems with any food, why the hell is she in the class anyway? Crap, I digressed as usual! Sorry....I do tend to go on rants. Let's get on with the one good idea this peaked, whining, scrawny, thing with a face ever had shall we? A 'no' list.

A 'no' list is a page in your journal or your calendar, or whatever, that every time you say no to something, you get a brownie point. Mmmmm brownies...oops sorry again. I love that idea! The more we practice self control, the easier it'll become. What a good habit to form eh??? This morning, as of course I'm still not back OP, I got out the butter to go on my english muffin. I also had out the natural peanut butter and the all fruit jam and the skim milk. I was waiting for the muffin to toast and was getting the butter on the knife. I thought about it a minute, and put it back in the bowl. I told myself no. I'm having peanut butter, I don't need butter also. Wow, that was a great feeling! Imagine if I did that 10 more times today. Even though I'm not on program, I could still maintain this week if I try hard enough. I could break a nasty habit of always indulging my every whim. I'm a list maker, and this is kind of a list. I can challenge myself to add more 'no's every day! I want mashed potatoes for dinner, no I think I'll have green beans instead. Yay! Another sticker on my calendar or hash mark in my book or whatever. I'm visual. This is a tip I can use. I think I'll use stickers. I like stickers.

Let's all say no shall we???



  1. Well, bravo to you for facing the scale...and getting it over with! :) We all have those annoying people at our meetings. I think I am the annoying "I dont eat a lot of processed foods girl" lol Oh well...

    :) Hang in there!

  2. way to face the music... never heard of a fat vegan before... cuz their food sucks... do gizzards have faces?

  3. well done for facing the scale, even though it was what it was, you faced up to it.

  4. How about that! You and Nancy Reagan sharing the same slogan Just Say NO! It is a great idea, and I'm going to try making a list right after I find my list of stuff I'm going to start making a list of. I loved the Peta remark. My son is so going to copy it.

  5. My post today was on saying yes when you want to say no! How funny. I'm sorry you had the gain, but glad that you are going to utilize the good advice you learned at the meeting.

    Stickers are fun. I gave a booklet to my 6 year old this morning and told him to pick one out for doing well at school. I went into the kitchen to get more coffee and when I came back he had taken about 50 stickers out of the book and stuck them all over himself and his four year old brother. So stickers are a good motivator!

  6. I've never met a vegan who didn't go on and on and flaming on about it. Or one who didn't look pale and ill. I've always wanted to ask "Is it the vegan diet that makes you dull or is it being dull that makes you happy with a vegan diet?" Sorry, I'm being a bit Veganist here I know.

  7. Debby, great idea! Its the little steps that add up for sure! Vegan on WW....kind of an oxymoron, huh? Oh well! She's obviously miserable........I can tell just by how you described her! I struggle everyday, just as you do, honey, every now and again, I need a know? Mooooo!

  8. I hate paying the piper...he's a no good prick! Thanks for sharing the secret less...who knew?

    Ask the vegan broad this: If we are not supposed to eat animals? How come they are made out of meat?

  9. Ay, I absolutely love reading your blog. Always cracking me up. I'm also enjoying Fat Daddy's comment....If we are not supposed to eat animals why are they made out of meat? lol

  10. I love your blog! :] You're hilarious.

    The anemic, vegan, tree hugger lady seems like quite the gem! hah. That would drive me insane if we had somebody like that @ my meetings.. I'm pretty lucky in that department! :]

    The "no list" is a great idea! I will have to try that.

    This week will be great!

  11. Good for you on facing the scale! We all have to do that from time to time, huh?

    I love the just say no visual reward system. I am going to try that one out myself!

  12. Good for you for getting on that scale! Those pounds will drop off quickly.