Monday, September 7, 2009

If you're going to binge....

I think you ought to purge.

My daughter in law did it last night and I bet she wakes up feeling better today. I bet it'll be easier for her to remain on her Weight Watcher plan today. I've done it many times in the past and it always helps me.

Yep, you heard me right. I think purging is fantastic!! Now, lemme explain. Have you been on a binge for a few days, weeks, months, even years? If you answered yes, whatever do your kitchen cabinets look like? What's hiding in your fridge and freezer? What's stuffed under the beds and hidden in the trunk of your car? If you're anything like me, they'd all be full of things that weren't healthy for sure!

Last night Tara was on a cleaning frenzy. They've been having a tough time diet wise for the last few weeks. She was purging her cabinets and fridge of all things not healthy. I may, or may not have gone through the trash! When she wakes up this morning, she'll be faced with diet friendly waters.
What a fantastic idea. Create an environment conducive to weight loss. If it's not here, she'll have to run out to get it. That's not the easiest thing with an 18 month old for sure.

Life is full of start overs. It's not a failure, it's a new beginning. We're not perfect and we shouldn't beat ourselves up over slip ups. So you screwed up on your weight loss plan and gained 100 pounds. Purge, and start over. Today is fresh, a clean slate ready to be written on. If you mess up today, wipe that sucker off and start again tomorrow. Purging can be done as many times as it takes.

I was asked to speak at a Weight Watcher meeting several years ago after losing 100+ pounds. I loved it as I'm not a shy person. I really thought I had ideas to share which helped. I began with the following line: Hello everyone, welcome to Weight Watchers. "My name is Debby and I've lost over 100 pounds." (insert applause and gasps here) (now insert a very serious look on my face) "I've got an eating disorder. I am bulimic." (insert concerned looks, and 'oh no' shakes of the head here) "I just haven't learned how to purge yet!" (insert laughs and sighs of relief here!) I then went on to explain that I really had learned how to purge, and let them know that they could purge too!

It's true. No matter how long I stay on this Weight Watcher plan, contrary to my dedication, motivation, and any other 'ions' you can think of, eventually the binge monster gets me and I go off on a frenzy. Sometimes it lasts a day, sometimes a week, sometimes months, or even years. I always, always, always, come back to my senses. I purge and I come back to Weight Watchers. It's always in the back of my mind and eventually I am able to bring it to the front where it belongs. Do I beat myself up for the lapse? Nope, I pat myself on the back for being so smart to get back on the program. That's how I roll.

So, if you're out there on a binge right now, feel free to purge. It's not taboo, I promise.

Tara, good luck to you guys on this journey. It's long and it's damn hard but it IS do-able! Yep, even with an 18 month old. Yep, even though you're under mega stress with your classes this semester (good luck on your first exam today). Yep, even though you live with my son, it's do-able. Purge as often as needed and just never give up.



  1. Wonderful post, and great thoughts on purging. We often think of purging as a bad thing, but you are right - when you think of it as you described - it's beneficial.

    It's like giving your mind a clean start, purging it of bad thoughts and habits!!

  2. Like it! It's so true - I definitely on the wagon with this method ... if it ain't in the cupboards, it's bloody hard to eat it by accident! I keep my home free of rubbish, because I know I eat enough of the luxury stuff when I'm out to dinner or at the cinema - there's no need for me to be having it in the cabinets too! So I like the way you've taken a negative word and given it a positive, usuable meaning.

  3. I could use a purging, too. Old clothes that no longer fit, kitchen cupboards, and clutter on my desk. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. You always write such thoughtful and helpful posts. I do read your every post, but I don't often comment...I need to come out of hte woodwork. Every single time I use my kitchen scale, I think of you and your scale post that you did that had me laughing!

  5. I purged 2 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did. No bad foods here....none allowed! :) Its also helpful that my BF knows its a good foods only zone! lol


  6. Awesome post! Purging is a great thing! :)

  7. Wow you sound like a great public speaker. Sometime I have always wanted to be, but feel like I am not at the moment. Not really sure what purge means but if it means to get ride of unhealthy foods in the house, thats a great idea.
    I fixed my blog link, thanks for pointing that out.