Friday, April 10, 2009

Are you an over estimater?

I think we all are sometimes!

I'm talking about exercise. I get on that elliptical and I swear I'm burning 1000000 calories. I swear the intensity is high, and the duration is at least 5 hours! One reason, as I've blogged before, I love my heart rate monitor. That at least tells me how hard I'm working!

With Weight Watchers, we're awarded activity points for the exercise we do. We can choose to eat these points, or to not eat them. I've never used them myself. I'll admit I'm a bit afraid. What if I figured them wrong? What if I really wasn't doing what I thought I was and didn't really earn the number of points I calculated? What if I then ate them but really hadn't earned them? Oh my, it's a lot of what ifs! I do know I'm working pretty hard, so if I needed a few of the points, I would use them. I know I'm earning at least a few!

I digressed, yet again. I really just wanted to share this groovy site that helps you calculate how many calories you're actually burning. I'd not take it as gospel of course, but it's at least an idea! I know for a fact that I'd have figured I'd burn more than 165.8 calories walking 3.5 mph on the treadmill for half an hour!!!! I was more than pleased to find the same half an hour on the elliptical (which is of course what I do) burns a respectable 314.1 calories in the same half hour. Time is valuable to me. I'd much rather do half an hour on the elliptical than an hour on the TM! That being said, I do want to start changing up my routine...shake things up a bit. Give it a bit of BAM! So, I know now that I should probably do an hour on the TM in place of my half hour on the elliptical. I got this cool info from my daily 'Hungry Girl' email. Some of the mails are piffle, but some are really good. If you'd like to get the daily email, here's the groovy little link for that too!

Just thought it was a far out cool little site and I wanted to share! Peace out!

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  1. I have no idea about points. lol Roni Weighs, could probably help you out here. I heart Hungry Girl. Thanks for the links, will be checking them out. Points aside, I think you're doing a fantastic job! Keep it up!