Sunday, April 19, 2009


Well, I wanted to do something different today. Oh, I love Bonnie, but I keep reading how we should shake up our cardio routines. I thought I'd leave the elliptical gathering dust today, and opt for something else. Hmmmm what would it be? Treadmill? Nah, boring and I have to almost run to get my heart rate up. WATP DVD? I do like those. It's nearly 90 degrees though and I didn't get to my exercise early. I decided I'd bike today. It's been a long time.

What did I learn? I can't get my heart rate up riding my bike in this park unless I A) Ride up one of the 3 or 4 hills we have here in the park, or B)pump my arms up and down and out and back like a sand hill crane with a broken wing! I went up one hill, but that meant going down the other hill so I could go back up another one. Heart rate drops dramatically while going down the hill, and frankly, going up and down the same hill over and over just isn't fun. So, I made like a crane and whipped my arms all over the place while riding my bike. It worked! I'm sure the people here in the park think I'm crazy, but such is life!

I did 5.6 miles in my 30 minutes which isn't too shabby. I'm going to ride around the lake here before we leave to go back to MI and that's 10 miles. Guess it won't be an all day affair after all!

Have I mentioned I'm training for a 5K? NO???? Wow, guess that'll be tomorrow's post. I got my walking training this morning before Mass though.

Pixie is smokin!


  1. You are smokin girl! I'm proud of you! A little envious too! Keep it girl! You rock!

  2. You are awesome!! I'm imagining all the wonderful scenery that you must be getting on your workouts :> I'm jealous~~