Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Grab the old ladies & pack up the babies

Pixie's falling hard and someone's going to get hurt!

That's right boys and girls, the streak is over. It began January 3 and lasted until approximately 6:35PM April 27. You can do the math. It was a lot of days. It was a lot of days of being totally OP. It was a lot of days of doing exercise 6 days a week. It was a lot of days of being totally in control.

Had a great weigh in Monday night. Lost 3.4 pounds I think. The eating started shortly after that. Outback to be precise. Bushman schrooms...dipped in a copious amount of creamy ranch dressing. Salad, swimming in blue cheese dressing, burger dripping in cheese. At least I don't like their fries. Oh, but the choco cherry love blizzard at the DQ was pretty awesome on the way home!

Did I grab myself by the short and curlies on Tuesday and say OK bitch, enough is enough? Hell no. I ate more. I can't exactly remember what...but I know dinner was at a new Spanish restaurant in town where we had tapas. That is Spanish for little mounds of fried greasy stuff that slides down your throat pretty well. We were out with friends. Decided that really wasn't a full meal so we should go to another restaurant and get some dessert. Can anyone say hot fudge sundae with whip cream...and oh by the way miss, do you have nuts? Did the insanity stop there? Of course it didn't. A binge worth doing is worth doing well. Stopped off at the quicky mart and got a large bag of potato chips.

Wednesday dawned and the day started with cereal and fat free milk. Gave me gas. Had to assuage my bowel with some homemade bread loaded with butter. Let's have lunch at the cafe by the pool, they're serving 1/4 pound hot dogs today. Dinner? Out with friends again....stuffed pork loin, vadalia mashed potatoes, and then creme brule. Hey, it's a milk you know!

I just baked two cheesecakes, and have a double batch of chocolate chip cookie dough in the fridge ready to bake and a double batch of oatmeal raisin cookies ready to go too. Baked up a dozen of the choc chip tonight. They were good. Didn't need a container for the left overs! Nuff said.

Cocktail party tomorrow night. Nuff said.

1400 mile drive back to MI on Monday. Nuff said.

Size 18 pants in the give away pile. Might need to dig them out. Nuff said.

I'm stressing over packing up this house and getting it summerized. It's a lot of hard work.

I'm stressing over needing to work full time when I get home PLUS diet and exercise. I know, most of you do it all the time. I haven't had to. I've been able to concentrate on just diet and exercise.

I'll get my act together again. Not a doubt in my mind. Not right now though.

Meanwhile, if it's edible, lock it up.


  1. Ahh it happens now and again, don't stress it, just get back on the bandwagon. It's hard to eat right when going out with friends. And if you're going out quite often, it adds up quick (as I found out a week or so ago when I spent the weekend at a friend's and we went out to eat pretty much every meal).


  2. uh oh. Im holding out my hand for you to reach up and jump back on the wagon with me! :) hehe I love your honesty. I love your humor too! Sometimes all we need in life are a few tapas. lol
    you know what to do...and you will do it. :)
    :) tj

  3. First of all, LOVE that song.

    Secondly, I understand what you're going through. I've been off plan so long that I forget what it's like to not feel like I'm about to keel over, you know? Gotta get back to it, but there's this, then there's THIS, then there's that. Seems like there's always a good enough reason to put it off again. Ugh.

    Good luck to you, friend.

  4. i love Neil, Tapas, and a binge done well!

  5. Don't let yourself off the hook for too long. The damage starts to add up fast! Good luck dealing with all of the stress.

  6. Debby... it happens... that's about all there is to it and all there is to say... it happens. We all know it, we've all been there at one time or another, and we all know we have and you have the means to get back to being OP! Love and HUGS!

  7. I think we've all had these type of days. I used to freak out over them, but, now I just let them happen. I know they don't usually last long. A few days at the most. I would only worry, if this type of eating continues over 3 days. lol
    Sometimes, this type of binge eating is good. Shocks your body.