Monday, April 20, 2009

I've told you!

We've had chats about self esteem on the WW 200+ board before. I'm not lacking as I've said. I keep telling people that they should just let loose, have fun, and screw anyone that doesn't like it. I've always done that. I wore a bathing suit at 368 pounds. I was NOT going to go swimming in my clothes. Was I teased? Yes. Did I like it? No. Did that stop me? Hell no!

We had one of our awesome pool parties on Saturday here. I had a ball! Did I dance? Yep. Did I sing? Yep!! CAN I sing? Hell no! Did I care? Not a whit! I'm all about having a good time. I had a ball! This was our entertainment for the pool party. She could sing, and you can see by the picture she has no problem with self esteem either! I don't quite take it this far!!

To save me copying all the pictures again. Please just click this link and read about my awesome day! Here's a few that didn't make it on the other blog though!!!

A self portrait! See, I started the party out in a swimsuit. It got cool later on so when you go to the other link and see me in a sweatshirt, you'll know the whole day wasn't chilly!

Here's the big man as I call him. All the Michigan WW ladies call him Papa! Call him what you want, Den had a good time too!

Please try to have fun people. Don't let fat stop you. Life is too short not to laugh and smile and love every single day!!!!!

Don't forget to click on that link and see my debut singing photo's!!!


  1. I left a comment on your other page. But, wanted too say again, thank you for reminding us, to seize the moment, and just have fun.

  2. Your smile is infectious! I love your spirit!

    Even at my highest, I've never let it stop me from donning a swimming suit. I love to be in the water, and I just do it!

    Thanks for a big dose of positive this morning!

  3. Looks like you had a blast!