Thursday, April 2, 2009

Heart palpations!

Do you have a heart monitor? Man oh man, if you don't, I'd get one!

I know that to exercise effectively, I need to have my heart in a certain range. The treadmill at my gym in the park has a heart rate monitor on it. You have to grab the bars just right and it'll give you a read out. Ya, so that's what they say! It doesn't work for me. My hands are too sweaty I think...either that, or when I try I'm really in cardiac arrest! It just won't read mine. The elliptical at the gym I joined is the same also. I just can't get a reading. My friend Ian had a heart rate monitor and let me use it. It was brilliant! I found that it talks to the elliptical both here at the park and at the gym. Awesome! I don't have to wear the ugly, plastic, watch part. Ian went back to England last week :-( and he let me keep the heart rate monitor!

I was worried about working too hard you see. Want to make sure I don't go over my 85% max heart rate. Welllllll that's not the reason I was glad to have it last week, and again Monday. I was on the elliptical in my gym here on Saturday. It was hard. I was working my ass off, it was killing me. I was huffing and puffing and doubting that I could finish 10 minutes, never mind 30. I checked my heart rate as I was sure it would be about was 126!! I wasn't working hard enough! Some days are just harder than others. It really kicked home to me how easy it would be to underestimate your work out. I'd have said I was working above moderate level aerobically. Nope, I wasn't even at the low end of my target range! Knowing the numbers allowed me to kick it up a notch and make sure my workout was effective. I mean really, if I'm going to put a half hour into the elliptical and sweat and gasp for air, I want it at least to benefit my weight loss and my health!!!!

Yesterday at the gym I needed it for the other reason. I had my music jamming...I was reading what was going on on the TV and when I looked down I was above my target heart rate...way above. I slowed down a bit. I want to burn fat and not muscle for goodness sakes. Yep, I love my monitor!!!! I love my friend for giving it to me. If you don't have one, I highly recommend getting one!

Now, that really is a gift from the heart! A gift to the heart also.


  1. Nice to have friends that give us gifts like that. I'm sure it must be a two way street. Keep up the good work.

  2. When I was in the hospital last year, I took a stress test on the treadmill with the cardiologist standing right there. Holy cow, I was dying and I wasn't even up to my level. I looked at the doctor and asked if this was how I was supposed to exercise and he said yes, or a just a little higher.

    Humbling that they let me quit the test at 4min30 seconds instead of 5 minutes because I thought I was going to collapse.

    I live under a rock, I didn't know you could buy heart moniters. Will definitely look into that!

  3. Hey! Debby:)
    I love your blog! You are one of the many reasons I'm back at a meeting. I couldn't get my Big Girl Panties quite up all the way and decided that I needed a meeting. You said just wasn't working without the meeting. So, I've got one under my belt and feel good except for the
    BTW, I love love love my heart rate monitor.
    I'm proud of you for what you've accomplished. Carry on...
    xoxo Lesa

  4. Wish I had a friend who gave out gifts like that. I really need a heart rate monitor. I'm terrible at Math, and can never figure out what my level is.