Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What does a .8 pound gain look like?

Yes, I gained .8 this week. It was my week to gain. If you're a woman, or know one, I'm sure you've heard her bitch about this. I have one week a month where I gain weight. It pisses me off and there's not a damn thing I can do about it. I was 100% OP this week. I did my cardio 6 days and my strength training 3 days. I ate what I should, when I should, and how I should. I hopped on the scale and it showed me up .8. Such is life.

In the past, setbacks like this would send me off on an eating spree. I mean really. I'm working my ass off and gaining weight. Might as well eat and gain and actually enjoy it! So how did I handle this gain this month? Well, first of all I put on the new outfit I bought a size or 2 too small in September. It fit! I've been waiting 6 months to wear this! Low cut, bell bottoms, embroidered with sequins if you please. Pink of course. I think I should have tried the top on a bit sooner! Don't care. Wore it to my meeting. Wore it out to dinner last night. I love it!!

What else did I do to ease the pain of my gain? Well, today is my 31st wedding anniversary. Papa and I took off for a 2 day mini trip to Ft. Myers beach. Lovely hotel. Big town. Every restaurant known to man. Again in the past this would be a 3 day free pass to eat as much as I could stuff into my fat face. I mean really. It's a special occasion right? I should enjoy it right? How am I spending these three days? Well, I brought my high protein Special K and my low carb yogurt for my breakfast. I packed our lunches ahead of time for the 3 days. I brought sugar free jello, fiber one bars, grapes, my awesome FAF, and my protein drink.

So, how am I handling my .8 gain on my little mini vacation?

See for yourself.

Bumps in the road are going to happen to all of us. We have to learn to roll with the punches. We can't chuck it in at every little difficulty. We're in this for the long haul. Geez I ran out of cliche's there!

I got out of bed this morning on my 31st wedding anniversary and ate a low carb yogurt and some high protein special K. I got on the elliptical at a high intensity, fat burning program for 30 minutes. I ran back to the room (climbing the stairs if you elevator for me!) and woke the big man. I strapped on my stop watch and headed out for my daily 5K training walk. The whole entire day is mine ahead of me. We're going to the beach. We're going to do whatever we want. Food is planned with flexies being used for a treat. I'm in complete control. I feel freaking awesome. The power that I felt when walking this morning was amazing. I felt proud. VERY proud!

Oh ya, life is freaking good!


  1. Seriously, you are an inspiration!
    Love the pink shirt. Don't take this wrong, but I think you could be in an even smaller size. The shirt looked way big on you. Where did you buy it? I want one now.

    Congrats on your 31st anniversary! You look fantastic, and should be very proud of youself for not only your hard work, but also not letting a number dictate how you feel. :)

  2. Girl, you are looking good! How close are you to goal? Because you look small already to me. I loved the design on the jeans! We are going to Tulsa for marriage retreat ( a church thing ) this weekend and we are bringing our own food. It makes perfect sense. It saves money AND I won't be tempted to order JUNK just because its a special occasion. Congrats! I enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Screw that .8!! lol It will be back OFF in no time!

    I love your new outfit! You have so much pep and energy!! I love that you plan ahead like I do...Love that you pack up snacks and stuff to make your trip do-able! :) Hope you have a FUN time. Happy Anniversary!


  4. I like it when you show a picture of you in clothes that fit you. You look so much thinner than you look in your baggy clothes. You sure look great. Damn those bloat weeks.

    Happy Anniversary to you and Den.

  5. Happy Anniversary, you look great! Man I wish my .8lb gain looked that good lol. Congrats!

  6. Woo-hoo! You look so fantastic!

  7. jesus christ 31 years? that's a result! don't worry about the tiny gain. bump in the road. love the action shots!

  8. You look great in that top - it really suits you.

  9. You look great in that outfit!!! And what a great way to be in control and celebrate!! :> :> We are proud of you too!

  10. You look freakin awesome... and I so admire your strength and willpower... I know you struggle every day but you still do it and that is something to be proud of besides the weight loss number....

    Happy Anniversary Papa and Pixie!!

    luv and hugs from me and the Diva.