Friday, May 22, 2009

Amazing Day!

That would be today.

I just got out of work an hour ago. It was my first day back as you all know. I worked 9.5 hours. On my feet. Walked about 5 miles. Knees hurt, calves hurt, thighs hurt, ankles hurt...getting the drift? Even my back hurts. Oh yes, my biceps hurt too. I came home, took 2 Aleve and ate my dinner at 10PM. My daughter in law (bless her!) gave me a Mike's hard lemonaid. It was awesome, took the edge off and it was light and only 2 points! Oh ya I needed that!

Why was it an amazing day?

Well, At 9:45am I went to the gym and did my time on the elliptical even knowing I'd be on my feet all day. Came home ate a healthy lunch, showered, fixed my dinner for when I got home tonight, dressed for work at noon, and packed my healthy lunch. Off I went to work at 11:45.

I didn't get a break until 7PM. I wasn't very hungry, and I only get a 20 minute break. I wanted pudding. I ate what I brought, my FAF. No pudding, no cheesecake, no blue cheese dressing (which has 20 grams of fat in 2T by the way!), no fried zucchini, no nothing I wasn't supposed to indulge in. Go me!

I came home at 10pm and had my dinner that I prepared earlier.

I have half a point left for tonight...oh the choices are endless!!! lol

I work again tomorrow. I shall skip the gym before work as on the long days it's just too much on my old body.

I'll do everything else tomorrow as I did today as it worked.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

I'm so proud of myself today. All that good food and I didn't touch it.

I was tired, sore, and stressed.

I was also empowered, on program, and just really rocking my plan!

Go me!


  1. Yay! You did AWESOME! It was a day to be so proud of! You go girl! (what does FAF stand for by the way?)

  2. FAF is Freaking Awesome Fluff. I invented it, so I chose the name! lol I did mean to post the recipe at the end of the blog but I was so blamed tired. I love, love, love it so I'll do a blog just about that right now. It's yummy!!!

  3. Yippeee WTG for being OP at work-and especially at YOUR work! Wow You did well!