Saturday, May 23, 2009


Freaking Awesome Fluff

It's a recipe I tweaked a bit so I figured I get to re-name it. It originally had cool whip in it. Cool whip has hydrogenated oil in it. I'm trying to totally cut hydrogenated oils from my diet. So I went into tweak mode. I love it as it's got protein in it but tastes like a dessert. I made it so each serving has a whole serving of fruit in it. Fat free cottage cheese contains 13g of protein for 1/2 cup so that's a great amount in a snack. It's creamy and sweet and just yummy to me.

It's 4 simple ingredients.

2 cups fat free cottage cheese
1 box of sugar free jell-o
1 box of fat free, sugar free instant pudding
4 servings of fruit (usually 2 cups)
juice from the fruit if it's canned. diet pop if it's not.

That's it.

Mix everything together and I divide it into 4 servings and refrigerate. Points are 2-3 per serving depending on the fruit you use. It' a nice sized serving too!

The combinations are endless. Depends on what fruit you like etc.

My favorite is:
2C fat free cottage cheese
2 C mandarin oranges (I use the ones canned in water with Splenda)
orange SF Jell-O
cheesecake or lemon instant SF, FF pudding

Den's favorite is:
2 C FF cottage cheese
2 cups pineapple (he likes crushed)
lime SF Jell-O
pistachio instant pudding, SF and FF of course

With both of those, I use the juice from the cans. I used fresh peaches once...needed to use diet orange pop for a bit of liquid.

I wonder if strawberries, strawberry jello, and vanilla pudding would be good? Hmmmm might need to try that. I'd want to sweeten the strawberries first for sure. That would make a huge serving if you used the whole serving of strawberries!

There you have it.




  1. Im gonna make this! I have little pyrex cups that are in need of some sort of single serving dessert goodness! :) THANK YOU!!