Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm throwing stones

Yep, I know all about people in glass houses.

You may call me Mother Superior if you wish. I so rocked that gym today.

I was pumping along on the elliptical after doing my arduous strength training session, when I realized I was practicing one of the 7 deadlies. Now I freely admit that gluttony is my favorite, and sloth is definitely way up there. I've been known to practice greed, lust, and wrath too. Envy, not so much. Today's sin of choice was pride.

We got to the gym at 11:45am. Den had a noon appointment with his trainer. I warmed up with 5 minutes on Bonnie (the elliptical). I'd made my work out card at home and I got right into it.

I do 3 sets of 12 reps of each thing.

Here was my routine today:
Leg extensions #40
Leg press #50 extra
Pyramid biceps curls- 12 reps of #8, 8 reps of #9, 6 reps of #10. Repeat 3 times.
Lat pull downs- #37.5
Shoulder press- #10
push ups X 50
Ab crunches with #30 X 60
Planks-2 sets of 60 seconds each

I felt amazing when finished. I am sure I will feel not so amazing tomorrow! I followed that up with 35 minutes on Bonnie at a higher resistance varied program. I kept my heart rate right around 150 the whole time.

Where does the pride come in? Well, Bonnie faces the road and the parking lot in front of a full length window. I sit there pumping away and between listening to my jams & watching Giada on the food channel, I watch what's going on outside. My gym is in a small strip mall. First business is Hungry Howie's Pizza, then comes the tanning place, then my gym. So, I watch people waddle into HH to get pizza and I think, wow, I'm so much better than them (hence the 'you may call me Mother Superior of earlier). I see people coming into the tanning place that ought to be moseying into the gym and I think, wow, I'm here, they're there, I'm better! I know I shouldn't think like that, but hey, I do. I feel so good that I've finally taken my health to a different level. Heck, to any level at all! I love when people glance in the window and see me sweating my ass off on that machine. I want to say 'YA! LOOK AT ME!!!' Ian calls me a poser. He is so right! I'm conceited, I know it. I feel so good about what I'm doing, so proud, I just want everyone to see! Lots of the 'kids' that we work with at the restaurant come to the gym. A few years ago, I'd have been so embarrassed to be seen by them. I'd have made darn sure I went at different times. Two of the boys came in today and I thought it was great. Look at what an old lady can do boys!!!!

So, am I proud? You bet your ass.


  1. Im proud of ya too! You go girl!
    :) tj

  2. Brag away, girl! You deserve it!!! *totally* crack me up. Next time you drive through better tell me. I have to meet you in person. And I mean that in the most NON-stalker way possible. lmao

  3. You are awesome!!!! Please do send some of your positivity my way yeah~~~ :> :> you sound like an awesome gym partner and with soooo much energy and positive vibe!

  4. You are a true role model for me. Yours may be pride but mine is envy and I covet your dedication and hard work.