Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How an oldie makes sugar free chocolate pudding

It's a different process than most of you go through I'm sure.

FYI. Every time you read pudding or jell-o here, realize it is all sugar free and fat free. Just so you know. Ya know?

Step 1: Go upstairs to make a cheese omelet for breakfast, see the milk, and immediately think 'ohhhhh chocolate pudding'.

Step 2: Make and eat omelet while thinking of chocolate pudding.

Step 3: Get the pudding/jello basket out of the pantry to retrieve pudding mix. See jell-o and think 'ohhhhhhhh FAF'! Get out strawberry jell-o and cheesecake instant pudding for FAF. Go to freezer and retrieve strawberries to try strawberry cheesecake FAF this time. Start to nuke strawberries to thaw a bit and realize you were supposed to be making pudding. Leave strawberries on the counter and get the pudding/jello basket back out of the pantry and get out the chocolate pudding. Realize you got out instant pudding and not cook and serve pudding. Retrieve basket again and get the correct pudding.

Step 4: Get skim milk from fridge and measure 2 cups into pan. Looks paltry, so decide you should really make a double batch. Get pudding/jell-o basket back out of the pantry. Empty 2 packets of chocolate pudding mix into the milk. Remember you now need to add 2 more cups of milk. Retrieve jug from fridge and measure 2 more cups. Only have 1.5 cups left in the jug. Go to fridge for back up jug. Isn't one. You forgot to get it. Go into daughter in law's fridge and steal 1/2 cup of her skim milk. (We live in a blended house here thank God!)

Step 5: Go to grab black, nylon whip to mix pudding in my non stick sauce pan. Isn't there. Go to living room floor and get it. (blended household contains a 15 month old that likes to play with Grammy's cooking utensils!)

Step 6: Decide you want to try to make chocolate peanut butter pudding using your PB2 powder.

Step 7: Go to pantry to try to find PB2 powder. Remember you are cooking pudding and rush back to the stove to stir so it won't burn. Find the PB2 and add 4 tablespoons to the mix and whisk until boiling.

Step 8: Pour into glass dish to chill and go get the plastic wrap to cover the top as you hate pudding skin.

Step 9: Remove industrial sized box of cling film that you've had since you owned a daycare for the 8 inches you need to cover the surface of the pudding.

Step 10: Put pudding into the oven to cool and go sit down to rest.

Step 11: Realize the oven doesn't cool and you should really put it in the fridge. Quickly go do that before anyone notices.

Step 12: Sit down with the newspaper and the grapes you found in the fridge when you put the pudding in. Can't remember where your glasses are to read. Eat the grapes and remember you now have strawberries, strawberry jello, and cheesecake pudding on the counter to make FAF.

No rest for the oldie!


  1. Welcome to my world. But since you are much younger then me may I suggest a little estrogen.
    I am always impressed with the great ways you find to stay within your ww point. Everything always sounds so delicious. When you started thinking chocolate while making an omelet I was afraid you were going to combine and come up with another new dish.

  2. I LIKE pudding skin. In fact I like any part of any pudding, generally. Can I just mention here, in a slightly self-pitying way, that being diabetic is a right pain?

  3. Daphne, it was sugar free and even fat free. Not sure about the carbs though.....