Sunday, May 17, 2009

The wagon, the horse, and the WW plan

What are 3 things you fall off of?

Ding! Ding! Ding! That's right ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!!!!

I didn't fall off a little Radio Flyer, or a Shetland pony. I fell off the Trojan horse and the biggest Conestoga you ever saw! I fell so far I need a ladder to get back up.

Three weeks tomorrow in fact. Oh, I had plans of getting back OP last Thursday. Oops. Screwed that up! I planned to get back OP on Friday. Damn, F'd that up too. Saturday was a go for about 10 minutes. Today never had a chance.

So, I'm building rungs on my ladder tonight for tomorrow.

I've planned my food for the day.

I've got a gym date at 12:30.

I've got yard work and house work and work work to keep my mind off food.

I NEED to get one day under my belt so I can begin on day 2.

I NEED to stop the madness.

I have to work at the restaurant this Friday & Saturday. My work pants are so tight I can barely breathe and my work T-shirt clings to all my rolls. Thank God I wear an apron. Doesn't hide my fat ass though!

OK friends...I've got my feet on the bottom rung of the ladder tonight. How about you all get behind and push! Keep me from falling just one day and I think I can take it from there.

Be careful where you shove though...I've got a Fiber One bar planned!!!!


  1. pushing!
    ~from a fellow fiber one bar lover

  2. PUSH...... You can do it!

  3. If I don't look up, can I push too ?

    The thing is, you KNOW you can do it once you get started - the problem is, like with the rest of us, is getting started !

    (says he eating another mini muffin)

  4. Yup that first day back is the toughest. ill put my shoulder into your ass since you asked nicely

  5. I'll give ya what the Diva says....

    "get up....hand"

    Another words, get up and give you her hand so she can show you what she wants....

    so "get up......hand" That's what we are giving you for support!!!

    hugs my friend.