Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dieting, Death, and Bits of This and That

My mind is a scary place sometimes. OK, most of the time.

We've had a death in the family. I got the news yesterday morning and the viewing was yesterday and the funeral today. I of course had to work both days. I finally figured out if they would let me leave work a bit early, I could drive the 2 hours to the funeral home and have time to pay my respects. The second I figured this out, I immediately thought 'Oh funeral, free food day'. No diet for me today! Thank God I bitch slapped myself into submission.

Why on earth is it, that any time there's any variance from the norm, I think it's my God given right to eat everything in sight? Why the heck would I associate a funeral with binge eating??? Told ya, mind, scary.

I don't go into work until noon so I had time to pack a lunch for the road. Grapes, carrot sticks, fiber one bar, etc. I also made sure to leave enough points in case I wanted to stop for dinner somewhere. I feel good that I was able to reel myself in. It's a new experience for me for sure. I was in total, 100% control. I looked awesome too by the way! Slacks, low cut blouse, opals, cute little high heels. Yep, I was the bomb!

My work pants are getting loose, almost baggy. You remember the ones? The ones that were so tight when I started work in May I was afraid to breathe? The ones that I didn't want to wash as I thought I'd not be able to zip them up again? Yepper, those! Freaking awesome.

I actually enjoyed putting spinach in my spaghetti tonight. I'm enjoying putting healthy food in my body.

I'm having a hot flash right now. Told ya, bits of this and that.



  1. sorry to hear about the loss in the family Debby :(

    Sounds like you got bitch slapped just at the right time! lol

    High 5 on loose pants! hehe :)

  2. That's awesome you were able to catch yourself before you were like elbow-deep in a vat of banana pudding or something. Nothing like a good ol-fashioned funeral to really bring out the comfort food. I guess it's easier to mourn when you're full of cake. For me, anyway.

    My point is...good for you :) In your sexy pants!

  3. So sorry to hear about the family loss
    Condolences to you all...

  4. Firstly, so sorry to hear about the family death - always a rough time. BUT - congrats on getting the food sorted. I think it's an extra good feeling when we can plan and take control at events like that.

    As for the trousers ..... wahoo ... next size down for you soon! :o)

  5. Seems like my mind will take almost any excuse to do a treat meal...or day...or weekend. I can relate.

    Cool beans on the loose pants!

  6. Yep, any excuse, no matter how creepy or sad it may seem, is still an excuse and we have all had them! Good for you knocking the crap from your mind before it was too late!
    Great job on the pants, too!

  7. I'm sorry about your loss. It's interesting how quickly we can let our circumstances change our eating plans. Good for you on both the planning ahead, and the baggy pants!

    Time for some shopping?

  8. Yes I'm like you, any variance from the norm and it's like my cue to eat everything in sight: "maybe today it's okay if I... just a little" OH the thoughts that go through my head.
    Except I give in too often and you DON'T!!

    Very sorry for your loss..

  9. not sure how i missed this but i am so sorry for your loss