Thursday, August 6, 2009

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No! It's a falling star!

Yep, this old lady earned her #5 star last night. Oh you know the one....the one that allows me to say I LOST 180 POUNDS! Ya, that one! La di freakin dah! I'm doing the happy dance for sure.

It was a HUGE, moving moment for me. My meeting starts at 5:30PM in a town an hour away. They have Wednesday walk in hours from 2-5. The big man and I wanted to go to Sam's so I stopped and weighed in at 4. I wanted to have a diet coke at Sam's and didn't want that to show on the scale. I'd come back in time for the meeting. The only people in the place were the lady working and myself. I got on the scale praying for a loss. A small loss would have been fine as I was showing a gain Tuesday night still. I was chatting to the lady and I got up on the scale and I saw the digital read out. It said 187.8. A 3 pound loss!!! I closed my eyes, let out my breath, opened my eyes and it said the same thing. I got off the scale and then back on, still the same thing. She was busy doing paperwork and stuff and didn't notice my antics. She looked up to tell me I could get on the scale and I was standing as still as I could, afraid to breathe. She said 'got it'. I let out my breath and then began to cry. I was so glad nobody else was there. I think it made it more special.

I intended to share my victory at the meeting but I just couldn't. First of all, our regular leader wasn't there. I want my star from her. I want to see her excitement when she hears the news. My girlfriend who I got to join WW earned 2 stars last night. She was so excited as this made twenty pounds off for her. Couldn't catch her with a butterfly net! Another young girl reached lifetime. She's a college girl and she was just glowing! I just couldn't take their moment away from them. I didn't even want to. I'll share next week. Last night was their night.

I can keep it clutched to my chest for another week. My little secret. I told my good friend Ian that it's like not screaming on a roller coaster. Just makes it more fun when you get to the bottom. I'm grinning from ear to ear just typing this. I can think about it all week. I'll take my bookmark to collect that precious star. It's going to be so fun to share this at my meeting next week!!!

Operation Fat Buster tally:

One down, two to go!

I'm ready to see the number 184 on the scale now. 50% of my body weight will be gone at that point. Yes, I think reaching this elusive goal of 180 pounds off has given me the oomph to keep going. I don't feel it's a crap shoot anymore, I feel I'll actually achieve it.

C'mon 184, Mama needs a new pair of shoes!



  1. That is so freakin' awesome, Deb. Wooohooo. Although I can't say you're half the woman I used to know, that's only because I didn't know you when you were twice the woman you are today.

    Well it makes some sense in MY mind !!

  2. I'll scream for you. Yahoo!!!
    When you go next week I hope they do just like on Price is Right and say:
    "De-Puffing Pixie Come On Down"

    And then you can run up the aisle with your arms raised in victory and high fiving everyone all the way to get your star. That fantastic accomplishment deserves a dramatic fanfare.

  3. You should be so proud of yourself. I don't even know you and I'm proud of you!

    As you know my loss was 150, and I'll never forget the day I got on the scale and thought, "I'm happy here."

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!

  4. Oh dear lord I'm crying I'm so happy for you.

    Congratulations Debby!!!!!

  5. WOW!~ I have just been reading your blog for a little while and I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! Congratulations!

  6. Kickin' butt rock! That is so awesome. You should be so proud...I am sooooo envious. But you deserve it for all the hard work you have done.

  7. Holy shiitake mushrooms!

    WONDERFUL!!! Congrats!!!

  8. Oh Debby I am so happy for you!!!! :) YOU FREAKIN ROCK!!! :)

  9. WELL DONE ON THIS GREAT ACHIEVEMENT...I can feel your excitement and joy.

    As I am an online WW member in Germany I dont get the stars...which is so frustrating for me as I have lost my weight and have nothing but my new figure to show for it...LOL>>>
    I want a star!!

  10. Wow, Deb. Amazing, seriously! You're such an inspiration to me! You got me all misty just reading about it. I hope you enjoy your secret all week and then get your very deserved praise next week :) Way to go!

  11. wow wow wow you are amazing!! i am so excited for you!

    I love that phrase "couldnt catch her in a butterfly net" *steals*

  12. I LOVE this post! Every word makes me feel like I'm right there with you. Awesome - and congratulations!

  13. Hi everyone!

    I usually respond to comments on my post via email. Some of you don't have addresses that I can use, however. I want you all to know how much your comments mean to me. It's really the reason for blogging. I get it all out there, I get praise, I get my butt kicked, I get what I need from all of YOU! Thank you so very much!!!! I'm still flying high!

  14. Holy moly!!!!!!!!!!! That is FABULOUS!!!! You are such a rock star in so many ways. Not just for reaching this milestone (and what a milestone it is), but for letting others shine, for supporting all of us as we travel this path with you, by telling your story to inspire others. You are amazing!

  15. Great news and many congratulations for getting there, brilliant.

  16. Congrats!!! Yeah, I was glad I didn't hit any major goals when my leader was out! I also was happy not to do it when I had to make up a meeting at a different meeting. Once you find the group that you are supposed to be with, it is really special to share those successes!