Saturday, August 22, 2009

Singin in the rain!

Good morning boys and girls!!!

I'm feeling on top of the world this morning. I get to go to work with new responsibilities today and I'm excited over the prospect. I get to be the HMFIC and that's a hat I wear well! I'm pumped to show my talent and put everyone I work with in awe. Oh ya, I can hear it now...'wow! Can you believe how she just took over? Never having done that before? Man oh man is she good'! Oh ya, I love me some praise! Crap, I think I just broke my arm patting myself on the back. Ah well, I'll pop an extra Aleve today!

TBM and I are hoping to go to the Ogemaw County Fair again tonight after work. Three Men & a Tenor are there and I just loved them when I saw them years ago. He's never seen their show so it should be a fabby evening....if it doesn't rain!

I've planned a cold supper for us. I'll pack it all up before leaving for work at 9:20 and it'll be ready to grab and go if the weather permits. NO way I was going to the fair on an empty stomach. Corn dogs, popcorn, nachos, elephant ears (they sucked though!) etc. Nope, not me. Fail to plan is my plan to fail and all that malarkey.

So, let's tally the day shall we?

Debby gets to be the boss at work. Check!
Debby has her meals all planned for today. Check!
Debby is pumped to be alive and large and in charge today. Check!! In fact, Double check!

PS: HMFIC for those of you that don't know=head mother f'er in charge. Oh ya, that's me!!!!!



  1. Congrats, Mrs. HMF...I'm glad to see you got your negative vibes back in the box!!!

  2. You rock the HMFIC title! lol :) Have a great time at the fair! :) WTG on planning!!!

  3. You go out there and show those suckerz who's boss!

    That's you, by the way. :P