Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Looking forward to my pillow tonight!

Man I'm tired. No reason really, I just am. I watched my grandson Mason today & he was an angel. If I walked as much as he did, I'd be a size 0. His stubby little legs were all over the place!!

My post tonight is a cheater post. I'm trying to find blogs that I think my gorgeous daughter in law might like. She's just started a blog and is on this weight loss journey with the rest of us. I've given her links to a few of my favorites, but face it guys, most of us are older! Do any of you read blogs by younger people? People with kids, soon to have kids, want to buy a kid or anything? If you do, could ya leave the address in a comment here?

I don't know how those of you staying home with young children do the diet scene. Watching my grandson today, I wanted to snarf the food off his high chair tray! He had peach yogurt....the real kind. No artifical sweetners or shit. Awesome cheese slices....Grandma loves those! Animal crackers....just really good stuff. I wasn't hungry when I fed him, but he was eating so I thought I should too! Not only that, he ran my ass ragged! We were all over that back yard. I pulled him in the wagon, snuggled him on my lap, etc. I was tired, that means I want to eat. He was so cute, I was happy, that means I want to eat! How the hell do you young people do it???

I can't even imagine the planning having young children and trying to diet would take. I only watched Mason until 6PM. I realized I'd not even thought of fixing dinner. Who had the time?

I'm off to bed.



  1. I'm only 26 and I'm pretty much a stay at home mom to a five year old!

  2. Hello there
    I miss running after my grandchildren...noticed when on holiday back home with my grandkids I walk more steps in a day than I do in Germany ( via pedometer ) can't wait for my turn to run after my nearly 2 year old grandson - envy you that are there with your grandchild...

    I've added your daughter in law's blog to my feedreader, will leave her motivational comments.

    Hope you had a good sleep...

  3. hey im not old lol. well old to my kids... 29 next month. (calms the little panic attack that wants to rise up)

  4. I've been a reader here for awhile, but I just had to leave a comment today.
    It is tough being a mom and trying to lose weight and get healthy. Not only am I a mom of my own 3, but I also run a home daycare.
    I'd love to encourage and chat with Mason's mommy...
    I'll head on over to her blog as well!

  5. Amy, I had a home daycare for years also. It's a tough job, but oh so rewarding!!! I loved it right up until the time I hated it and that's when I gave it up. If I couldn't treat each and every child as my own, I wasn't going to do it. Wasn't fair to the kids.

    Thanks for the comment!!!

  6. I am 34 and have 2 step children 8 and 9 and a son who is is tough raising children and trying to lose weight... I can totally relate. :) I read a lot of blogs, young and old I think there is information that I can relate to in any age... most of us are on a weight loss journey :)

  7. Although I'm not a spring chicken, I do have some teeny little people running around! With seven kids and no multiples you know that I've got the span of ages. From 1 to 18 ! And you know what else - when I see that in writing it scares me a little bit!