Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hello, my name is Debby

And I'm a recipeaholic.

TBM and I collect cookbooks. At least, we used to. I made us stop a few years ago. OK, so I made him stop. I still manage to add to the pile now and then! Always a Weight Watcher or light cooking book these days though, so that doesn't count...right??

Oh, it was a harmless enough addiction. After all, we have a HUGE home with lots of room to put them. We would like 'have' to turn into 'had' in the near future though! I never took a count of the collection, and we've gotten rid of a ton already. At one time we had 4 very large bookcases full of cookbooks, not to mention the ones in the tall oak cabinet by the kitchen. Oh, and the ones packing the four large end tables storage space. Oh, and the ones in the bedroom...don't even ask.

I also tear recipes out of magazines. Yes, I am one of those people.

My goal this summer was twofold. I was going to go through all the photographs I have in huge tubs. I planned to sort them, discard the duplicates, give away the ones I don't want and scan the ones I want to keep to my external hard drive. Oh yes, and make a disc copy also for back up. Ya, that didn't happen.

My second goal was to go through all my Weight Watcher and light cooking cookbooks and select the recipes I was interested in. I planned to scan the recipes, insert them into page protectors, and organize them in a pretty, pink, 3 ring binder I bought for the process. Um, that didn't happen either!

You might wonder why I want to do that. I mean, I've got them all in books, why bother? Well, some of you might not know that TBM and I are trailer trash in Florida for 8 months of the year. Oh ya, we're of the snowbird species. God I love it there! We're leaving in 25 days, in case you were wondering. Space is limited in our park model with attached lanai in Florida. Last year I had a huge Rubbermaid tub full of cookbooks & folders with torn out recipes. It's heavy and it takes up a lot of space. It went down there, and it came back to Michigan. With a mate! Oh yes, instead of condensing my collection, I added to it! Father forgive me for I have sinned, actually I plan to sin, but I'm buying a new cookbook tonight at Weight Watchers too!!! Heather made me do it! Did I mention we're meeting Heather on our way to Florida??? We are! I'm pumped!

So, my being the list maker that I am, have made a page for all the 25 days before we leave. I've started inserting tasks that need to be done on those pages. Yesterday, I hovered over the notebook, and finally, with shaky hand, wrote on each of 10 of the days 'scan and store 20 recipes'.

I changed my mind just now, however, about the scanning. I've decided to collect the torn out recipes I think I want to try and tape them to printer paper. I will then insert that into the page protectors. I can group the recipes, taping several to one sheet of paper, front and back. I'll tape them lightly, then if they suck, I can remove them from the page. I thought it was a brilliant plan. I'd be able to have the notebook right there when I cook, and being as all the recipes would be inside page protectors, if I slop, I can just wipe it off. Brilliant.

Problem? I've just realized that I have a whole entire drawer full of torn out and hand written recipes. They're not all Weight Watcher or light cooking recipes. So, now I'm starving to death & drooling, and it's not even 7am!

How will all this benefit you? I plan to share the recipes that I like. There, how's that??

So, looking at the page in the 'to do' notebook today, I see the following:

* Winterize the 5th wheel
* Scan 20 recipes
* Go to Weight Watchers and take it in the butt for the uncontrolled eating you participated in 3 days this week.

I'll talk to you tomorrow about the uncontrolled food fest I had several days this week. One addiction at a time. Right now, it's recipes.

I need my fix man!!!



  1. That is far too much organization for me. Good luck!

    p.s. I still might steal some of the recipes as long as you're doing the work.

  2. I have a cookbook addiction too but I am not ready to stop yet! But that sure is a good idea!

    BTW congrats on being a 100lb loser! I don't think I got to tell you before!

  3. Memories light the corner of my mind. Misty watered colored memories of the way you were!...Can it be that it was oh so simple then or has time rewritten every line. If we had the chance to do it all again, tell me would we?(I don't think so) Memories may be beautiful and yet, what's too painful to remember, we simply choose to forget. So it's the laughter we will remember, whenever we remember the way we were.

    Sorry for the serenade but the slide show reminded me of that song and how far you have come. Oh how I loved the pictures. Especially the little girl on Chickasaw Trail. I have some great memories of that little girl and that house where I felt like a movie star every time I went in the yellow bathroom. But as wonderful as those memories of you are for me, I am so happy for the hard working determined beautiful woman you have become. You are an inspiration to many and I am very proud of you, little cuz.

  4. I have the same addiction. I love cookbooks and recipes. I am really suspectible to cookbooks for $1 at yard sales!!

    Can't wait to see the recipes you post.

  5. I'm another cookbook whore. LOL As for the new one Heather recommended, I bought it on Sunday. It's a great one! :) (not that I would ever try to help enable anyone or anything.) ;)

  6. Sounds like a LOT of healthy and yummy foods are coming this (your blog's) way :D
    Looking forward to seeing your new eats!!

  7. YAY! I look forward to hearing about your recipes. I will definitely be trying some of them

  8. Awesome post! I love love love cookbooks, as well. And funny thing is, I don't really like to cook! :) I'm working on it, though. So I will really be looking forward to your recipes!
    Thanks for the great comments on my blog, btw!