Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Won't you be my neighbor?

God I loved Mr. Rogers! Some thought he was creepy, I thought he was amazing. So calm, gentle, a great role model!!!

I'm flying incredibly high this morning. Not sure if it's the caffeine or the anticipation of going to the fair today with TBM, my daughter in law, and my grandson.

The sun is out, the day is ahead of me.

Weigh in is tonight.

My camera is charged for all of Mason's cuteness today. The elephant ears, corn dogs, pretzels, and Mexican food better watch out cuz here comes Pixie!!!!

Damn I'm almost vibrating this morning!!

Life is good!!

Oh, oh, oh, did you see my new bling????? Right up there on top, over to the right. Cute, pink, flowers, coffee cup??? Tania gave me this award! How cool is that???



  1. I always thought Mr. Rogers was a little creepy, especially the way he'd come over and visit my mom when Dad was away on business.

    Wait... are we talking about the same Mr. Rogers?

  2. Yes who is Mr Rogers??

    Love the award...all these lovely awards going out...I sure do feel left out!!

    Am going to a WW meeting tonight, dont get weighed as I am not a member but a online member as I dont understand the talks as they in German...going to buy some treats for my trip home to South Africa in a weeks time.

  3. I liked Mr. Rogers...I always asked my Mom where he lived. lol He could rock the cardigan sweater thats for sure! lol

    Have a GREAT DAY and a GREAT WEIGH IN! :)

  4. that fucking perv spoke at my graduation, harvard, across the river, got colin powell FML!

  5. Fair food...mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Be good now.

  6. Your welcome! You blog just rocks~! Have a great time at the fair!!!!