Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Angel in disguise

Just so you all know, my personal trainer really is a sweetie. She's really not Zuul. I told her today I called her Zuul at home. Sighhhhh she's so young she didn't get my Ghost Buster's reference. I splained it to her though.

That being said. She kicked my ass again today. I could never be on the Biggest Loser as during one of the things she made me do today, I nearly cried. If I were on BL I'd be snotting and bawling all over the place for sure.

We started with squats. Of course 'we' had a heavy pole on our shoulders. We thought we were going to die as 'we've' never done a squat in our life! OK, enough of this 'we''s all about ME!!! My thighs are on fire I tell ya!

We did some other stuff, then she decided it was time to work on my abs. Again, I don't know that I actually have an ab...but she wanted to work it anyway. So off to this board we go. I get to lay down on the board with all the blood rushing to my head. Did I mention this board was on an angle? Well, it is. So now I have to put my knees over one set of rubber rollers and my legs under the other one. I get to cross my hands over my chest. I thought this appropriate as I'm pretty sure I'm going to die so I might as well assume the pose first. I now get to raise my fat self up off this board and lower back down, hence, working my abs. Um OK that hurt. A lot. It hurt my hips. She didn't understand this. I told her it was because my thighs are so fat they just don't go that close together. She laughed. I had to convince her I wasn't kidding. So we went to plan B. Oh God help me! Plan B was the 'elbow bridge plank'. In case you don't know what that is, this will show you. I managed to get myself up and then she said we were going to hold it for 30 seconds! Again with this 'we' shit! My arms trembled, sweat literally poured off my forehead. I think I broke a blood vessel in my brain. I slumped back to the mat with relief when it was over. I was of course informed I was going to do this 2 more times!!!! I've never done anything so hard in my life. Never. Childbirth was easier. I am so freaking out of shape. This is when Zuul gave me what I needed. She wasn't tough, she was encouraging. She told me how good I was doing, how strong I was. A line of bullshit? Yep, but it's what I needed to hear. It got me back up off that mat for the 3rd and final time. I held my plank pose until I couldn't hold it no mo.

Thank the Lord for all that is good. From the plank, I got to go get on the elliptical for 25 minutes. Did I sweat? Hell yes. Was it hard? Hell yes. Did I get my heart rate up and breath hard? Hell yes. Would I do 3 hours on that elliptical rather than 10 seconds more of a plank? OH HELL YES!!!

So, I lived through another day at the gym. I have such huge respect for the working people that are trying to lose weight and exercise. I just don't know how you do it. Right now this is my job. It's all consuming. It seems I don't have time for anything else other than meal planning, meal eating, gym, 10,000 steps, yada, yada, yada. I can't imagine how I'll fit it all in when I get back to Michigan and work an 8 hour day! Ah well, one day at a time!


  1. Lovin the GhostBusters reference!! LOL :) You are such an inspiration!! Keep it up!

  2. You are so funny! I love your posts! I remember Zuul, does that make me old too? Well, yea!! Keep up the great work. You are gaining strength, but if you are hurting yourself in the process, its too much! Listen to your body along with your trainer....!

    I hope you are feeling better by tomorrow! Good luck!