Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sedentary epiphany

I'm not any more!

I've been sedentary all my life. Oh, I wasn't bed ridden or anything like that. I did, however, move as little as possible through the day. I had kids just so they'd change the channel on the TV for me and get me soda from the fridge!

I'm still, very very very far from being active, but by golly I'm not sedentary anymore!

This hit me today when I was sweating my ass off on the elliptical. Holy mother of all that is good it was hot in there today. At one point, a sweat droplet went all the way down my nose and I accidentally snuffed it up. Oh goodie...let's snort salty liquid while on a machine where both of my hands are busy. Think getting salt water up your nose in the ocean. What does that do? Produces mass quantities of snot that's what! Thank goodness the spigot didn't begin to run.

I got such a high thinking about not being sedentary, I started to think of ways to put more movement in my days. I'm going to start that right away.

After my nap.

It's freaking hot here.

1 comment:

  1. You are so funny! I love reading your blog! As for the sweat going up your nose, people are paying money for "sinus rinses", you just did your own!

    I'm no where near where you are, but just on my little getaway, I did enjoy not being exhausted after walking everywhere and seeing everything. Usually that makes for a miserable trip, but not this time!

    Wake up! Turn on the A/C!