Thursday, March 12, 2009

Siezed up tighter than a drum

That was something my Daddy used to say a lot. Usually when he couldn't get a screw unscrewed or something like that.

Today it applies to my joints. My thighs, my knees, and oh yes, did I mention I felt an ab today? I know it was an ab as it hurt like hell in the region she pointed to the day she told me I was working said abs! OMG I'm in misery. Lowering myself is excruciating. How many times a day would I really need to lower myself? Picture me, living in FL where it's hot, drinking lots of water. Got the picture? I'm in agony I tell you!

I was supposed to go to the gym today. I called and cancelled. I mean really, I can't lower myself so that leaves squats out. I hurt my knee yesterday so it crunches that leaves any knee stuff out. I could probably move my left arm...but why bother? No, I decided today was a day off. I tried to go for a stroll...we got maybe 1/2 a mile...I said forget it. Felt like a robot! So today is my day off. I sure hope my parts are movable tomorrow! I've heard of no pain no gain, but give me a break!!!

Tomorrow I will be back on the elliptical. Next Thursday I'll be back at the gym. I think perhaps I'll have a chat with my trainer about what I really want out of her training. I just want to strengthen muscles. I don't want to bench press a Buick or anything! I'm 50 years old...I just wanna be semi healthy. I need something that is sustainable. This won't be. She's going to need to train me in things that don't require a gym.

Oh God...I just remembered the dreaded plank position doesn't require a gym.

Have mercy on my soul.


  1. I know! the plank is sure a killer. I'm trying to strengthen my core and have started incorporated planks into my upper body workout days too.

  2. Hope you are doing better now! I am glad that you are going to have a chat with your trainer. She needs to know what you want from the training and how far you really should be pushing it to get there.